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Caithness News Bulletins September 2003

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Caithness.org FREE Jobs And Vacancies Section For Employers  - Control Your Own Ads
It's Fast - It's the Future and It's FREE
The Internet is changing the way we work and many services are on offer free of charge.  Caithness.org is continually looking at ways to improve what is on offer from the web site.  Here is the chance for employers to save costs and potentially reach more people who might fill a vacancy.

The new jobs service will be operated via the Caithness.org Message Boards.  Employers who wish to use the system will have a password and access to the specially created new section.   This will enable authorised employers and their staff to post as many vacancies as they wish over the year.   All that is required is that you register on the message board to become a user and then contact Niall niall@caithness.org to get a user name and password to the system.  As soon as that is set up you can advertise as many jobs as you wish completely FREE of charge.  We will be mentioning the Jobs Section from time to time on our front page and making links to it from various parts of the web site to make it easy to find.

Caithness.org already gets around 4000 visitors per day and we think it will be quickly well-known in Caithness and far beyond.  Employers will be able to make links to other web sites if the job is advertised there.

The new Jobs section on the Message Board will be more flexible and give employers the chance to control their own job adverts and have them on the site as soon as they wish rather than waiting for us to create the pages.    So whether you need full time or part time staff or someone in a hurry we think there will be no faster way of advertising for candidates for vacancies.  
It's Fast - It's the Future and It's FREE