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Westminster Elections 2005
Prospective Labour Candidate For Caithness, Sutherland and Easter Ross
Alan Jamieson

18 April 05
Labour Candidate's New York Visit
Labour's Alan Jamieson flew in from an international speaking engagement in New York to hit the ground running in his bid to become the next MP for Caithness, Sutherland and Easter Ross.  He spent  7 days representing Scottish Young Labour at a Young Democrat conference in New York and various other events held as part of Tartan week in New York. One of the key speakers, he addressed the 80 delegates from around New York state on “Engaging Young People in Politics”.

Speaking as he touched down in Scotland at the start of the General Election campaign, Alan Jamieson said:

“The invitation I received from the Young Democrats from New York provided a great opportunity to share experiences between young people involved in politics on both sides of the Atlantic. I was also keen to speak about opportunities for young people and the importance of them engaging in politics. After all, political decisions are made everyday that affect the lives of young people, and so the opportunity to talk to young Americans about how we engage future generations in politics played an important part in the conference I attended.

On the forthcoming general election Alan continues: “I would urge all young people throughout Caithness, Sutherland and Easter Ross to use their vote on May 5th and set an example to young people throughout Scotland and the UK”.

While in New York Alan managed to find time to join the Tartan Day parade.

At the age of 23 Alan is a student studying for a Masters degree at the University of Stirling and describes himself as having a real passion for issues that affect young people living in Scotland. Born and Bred in Wishaw, North Lanarkshire, Alan is a keen Bagpiper and has fond memories of travelling up to the far north as a youngster to sail over to Stromness to visit his Grandmother’s home town in Orkney.

23 March 05
Labour's Alan Jamieson has said restructuring the north Highland economy to take advantage of the huge Government decommissioning programme at Dounreay will be one of the highest priorities for the next MP for Caithness, Sutherland and Easter Ross.

The party's prospective parliamentary candidate was speaking after a fact-finding visit to the plant, where a £2.7 billion decommissioning and clean-up programme is being driven by Labour Energy Minister Mike O'Brien.

Expenditure at Dounreay has doubled since Labour was elected and the decision taken to concentrate on decommissioning the site. One in every five jobs in Caithness is based at Dounreay, and the Government-funded clean-up programme there now represents more than 10 per cent of GDP of the north Highland economy.

Alan Jamieson At Dounreay

Mr Jamieson said: "Labour's commitment to fund the decommissioning of Dounreay has generated opportunities for local contractors to develop skills that are recognised internationally and for new business growth such as the technology park at Forss. It has also brought some of the world's leading industrial companies to the far north to set up bases.

"The apprenticeship programmes that virtually disappeared at Dounreay when the Conservatives were in charge have been revived and are flourishing, creating opportunities for young people to be trained to the highest standards in decommissioning skills."

"I believe it is essential these schemes continue and that young people growing up in the north continue to have the opportunity that their parents and grand-parents had to be trained in engineering and science at Dounreay.”But we know that decommissioning will not continue for ever and there will be an irreversible decline in decommissioning jobs as more of the site is flattened. We are beginning to see the effects of that already in staffing levels."

"That is why the area needs leadership now more than ever. The area will need a strong, united voice and one capable of getting the full weight of the next Labour Government behind the economic restructuring of the north Highland economy to diversify its dependency on Dounreay and deliver new economic growth to sustain the north Highlands beyond the closure of the site."

"The appalling record of the Conservative Party during the 1990s when they were in charge of Dounreay speaks for itself. The Liberal Democrats and SNP are both violently anti-nuclear and have never been friends to Dounreay. I want to see the economic regeneration of the far north become more integral to the decommissioning of the site, and I know that Labour Ministers in Edinburgh and London share that vision."

24 February 05
Alan Jamieson  - Comes In For Labour
Alan Jamieson is the labour party selection for the coming Westminster election for Caithness, Sutherland and Easter Ross.  A member of the Labour party since 2000.  He is still at university and has an intense interest in politics.  This can be seen by his rise to be chair of Scottish Young Labour.

Currently he is completing a Masters degree in Human Resource Management at the University of Stirling and enjoy participating in a wide range of interests including various sporting activities,  reading and with bent for playing the bagpipes.

Alan is standing as the Labour candidate he says "Because I believe that Labour has achieved a great deal since coming to power with the introduction of the minimum wage, a strong economy, and a commitment to the health service that had been deprived of resources as a result of 18 years of the Conservatives being in power. At the same time, however, as is the case with any Government our record has not been perfect, and that is why Labour must secure a third term in Government and not only use its international influence to work for peace in the Middle East and throughout the World, but equally importantly, to address the many local and national issues that have a direct effect on the lives of the people of Scotland."

Reflecting his youth Alan is adamant on one point -  "The future of this constituency is its young people, and if chosen to represent the people of Caithness, Sutherland and Easter Ross, I will work tirelessly in the pursuit of securing a future of opportunity for future generations, and build on what this Labour Government has delivered for young people and families throughout Scotland and the UK.

Alan believes that Labour has a number of achievements deserving of another term in office that he is determined to be part of and said "Achievements such as the Child Trust Fund and the new child and working tax credits are policies that have been delivered to provide children with a better start in life and to enable hard working families to enjoy a better standard of living."

If elected MP for Caithness, Sutherland and Easter Ross Alan's first battle cry was, "I will fight tooth and nail in securing a brighter future for the people of this constituency".

Alan is 23 years old and was and brought up in Wishaw, North Lanarkshire.   He joined the Labour Party in January 2000 at the age of 18 when he started studying Psychology at the University of Paisley. In addition to four years at University, he has carried out a number of political roles in addition to being elected Chair of Scottish Young Labour.

He is looking forward to campaigning and debating the issues in the run up to the forthcoming General Election.