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Westminster Elections 2005
Gordon Campbell - Independent

18 March 05
Gordon Campbell Independent Candidate For Westminster Checks Out East Caithness

Gordon Campbell is well underway with his canvassing around Caithness, Sutherland and Easter Ross.  On Thursday he set out to see East Caithness and meet people along the way.  He checked out many aspects from businesses, harbours, museums and even public toilets at Dunbeath.  He chatted with ladies at Laidhay croft and Latheron Post Office and other people he met along the way.  He has been round before and has stood in several elections without success but this has not dampened his enthusiasm for campaigning.  He lives in Dornoch but often lives for few days locally when campaigning.  He based himself at the Portland Arms Hotel for his East Caithness days.

7 March 05
Gordon Campbell  - The Northern Voice
Gordon Campbell is heading into another election as an independent candidate with nuclear power firmly as one of his policiesGordon Campbell "A Beacon For Change" is already campaigning around the constituency.

Gordon Campbell is an independent candidate fighting his fourth election in the north.  He is resident in Dornoch.  He is a fluent German speaker and an ardent campaigner at election times.

His policies cover a wider range of local, national and international topics as set out in his slogans -

  • Save wick Maternity, Save Wick General, Save Wick Generally

  • Tackle Crime

  • Protect Pensions and Pensioners

  • Keep the Pound and bin the European Constitution

  • Reduce Immigration Now and introduce identity cards

  • Reform Edinburgh Parliament & improve the calibre of MSP's

  • Save the Black Watch and support British and American troops in Iraq

  • SOS - All our northern post offices are at risk

  • Immediate Action on Housing, Vocational Training for 12 - 16 year old's and sustainable Fishing

  • Save our key Sutherland schools

  • Save the Migdale at Bonar Bridge

  • Promote support and enthuse about Bagpipe playing in the north