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Gardening With Attitude
By Mike Clark

Welcome To Mike Clark's Gardening With Attitude Column

Mike Clark has set up his own web site
Gardening In A Gale
Gardening articles with the north of Scotland in mind from Mike Clark who lives, gardens and writes in Caithness.

Mike Clark likes to write articles on all things Scottish and all things horticultural, and from time to time dips into the world of humorous fiction.  At least, he likes to think its humorous.  And it is an wee break from his day job as a self-employed gardener.

Mike discovered the joys of horticulture when, as a small child, he overheard a neighbour say shed dropped a sixpence in the tattie patch.  He has been digging ever since, with the tenacity of a true Scot, hoping one day to find a fiver.

He likes trees, Jack Russells, and 12 year old Glen Ord, but not necessarily in that order.  Gifts of any of these can by sent c/o caithness.org, but he would like to point out that the third item is by far the easiest and cheapest to post.

One of the highlights of his life was winning a toilet brush in a raffle.  He persevered with it for ages, but hes back on the paper now . . .

Mike approaches gardening and writing with exactly the same formula. Throw in plenty of manure, and something good will eventually spring up.

You may occasionally see Mike in print, but are more likely to find him at www.britishexpat.com/gardengate.htm

See you there!

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Still Standing

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Loyal as he is to Caithness.org, we sent Mike - at his own expense - to seek out and interview minor celebrities the world oer,

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Don't worry its not catching.......



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