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Wrecks OF The Pentland Firth
Part One  1830 - 1890
W. Bremner and D.G. Sinclair

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1847 - 1865

8. 4.1847 "SELINA" of Glasgow, Inverness to Islay, foundered off Dunnet Head. The Master saved, all others lost.

27. 4.1847,"JOHN AND ISABELLA" of Newcastle, Newcastle to Dublin, struck a rock in Santick Sound and had to be beached on Flotta.

22. 8.1847 "BRITANNIA", St. Petersburg for Belfast with rye-meal, totally wrecked on Holborn Read. Some of the crew lost.

22. 8.1847 TRIAD" of Dundee, Leith for Skye, totally wrecked at Thurso. Crew saved.

22. 8.1847 "CANTON", Hull barque, for America in ballast. Totally wrecked on Farout Head. All hands lost.

1. 9,1847 "NANCY" of Dundee, totally wrecked on West Rocks, Thurso. Crew saved.

1. 9.1847 "HOY" of Limerick, totally wrecked on Isauld Rocks. All hands lost.

1. 9.1847 "MARQUIS OF HUNTLY" of -illough, totally wrecked at Portskerra. Crew saved.

1. 9.1847 "PREMEIT" of Lubeck, struck on Stroma and was abandoned by crew. After her deck cargo of timber had been discharged she floated off on the 11th and drifted to Walls where Longhope pilot boarded her and brought her to anchor in Pan Bay.

9. 9.1847 "RETREAT", struck on Stroma and refloated. Taken into Burwick.

15.11.1847 "BROTHERS", Macduff sloop, Macduff to Stornoway, stranded near Thurso.

6. 4.1848 Robert Williamson, a fisherman from Thurso was awarded the RNLI's Silver Medal for the rescue by rope of 5 men from the sailing vessel BRITANNIA.

2. 9.1848 "SIR EDWARD" of Liverpool, Liverpool to Baltic, totally wrecked on Pentland Skerries. Crew saved.

2.10.1848 "LOWCA", iron schooner of Whitehaven, Hull for Liverpool, stranded on St. John's Point. Ultimately floated off and was seen drifting past north end of Stroma. Ultimate fate unknown. Crew saved.

16.12.1848 "ROSSANNA", barque, wrecked at Cape Wrath. Only the master, Captain Murray, saved.

22. 8.1849 "VICTORIA", Liverpool barque, Liverpool for Kronstadt, totally wrecked on Pentland Skerries. Sank in 20 fathoms. Crew saved.

22. 8.1849 "SWALLOW" of Carnarvon, for the Baltic in ballast, totally wrecked on Pentland Skerries. Crew saved.

17. 3.1850 "EXPORTER", Leith for St. John's, N.B. totally wrecked at Scrabster. Crew saved.

21. 3.1850 "SYLPHIDEN" of Krageroes, founDered in Pentland Firth. All hands lost. Later came ashore, bottom up, at Widewall.

1. 4.1850 "HERRINGS" of North Shields, thence to Quebec, totally wrecked at Durness. Crew saved.

26. 9.1856 Russian brig "AHTI" wrecked at Ham during a violent gale. Five local men put out in a small boat and saved two men from the wreck. One of the men, Donald Thompson, was awarded the Silver Medal of the RNLI for his outstanding courage.

1860 "_____", British vessel, name unknown, loaded with cannon balls, went ashore at Ramigoe, Stroma, and was pounded to pieces and sank. Crew brought ashore by Stroma fishermen.

1860 "EAGLE", American sailing vessel, ran ashore on Beacon Point, Stroma, with a cargo of wood. Crew saved by Stroma fishermen. Vessel bought by Stroma fishermen who salvaged part of cargo before the vessel broke in two and became a total wreck.

19.12.1862 The schooner SISTERS of Wick, lying in Scrabster Bay with a cargo of stone hoisted distress signals during a full NNE gale. The crew of 3 were rescued and brought ashore by Thurso's first lifeboat the "POLLY". The SISTERS later became a total wreck.

11.1863 The Prussian schooner "GLUCKAUF", Wick to Stettin with 900 barrels of herring, sprang a leak, with the water gaining rapidly, about 14 miles off Wick. The crew took to the smallboat, saving only their clothes and reached Wick. Next day the vessel was discovered in a creek at Ulbster on her beam ends with the sea washing over her.

12.12.1863 The barque GRACES of Shields dragged her anchors in violent seas during a full WNW gale in Thurso Bay. The crew of 15 were rescued by Thurso Lifeboat the "POLLY".

8.1865 "GRACE AND ANN", an Irish smack, ran for Wick harbour when a big sea was running. She went aground at the entrance and was in danger but was hauled off in time.

9.1865 The OPRII@CESS ROYAL" cutter. on duty at Wick during the herring- fishing season, rescued two men from a small boat with a cargo of wood which was foundering off Dunnet Head. When the cutter arrived the men were standing up to their knees in water.

10.1865 The schooner "WARL" of Stettin, carrying a cargo of over 1000 barrels of herring for Hamburg, left with the tide and anchored in Wick Bay. Shortly afterwards she went ashore on the north side of the bay but the harbour pilots managed to warp her off.

1865 "_____", ship name unknown, laden with Archangel tar, went ashore on west side of Stroma. Cargo partly salvaged before the vessel became a total wreck. Salvaged cargo reshipped. Crew saved by Stroma men.

1866 - 1883