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Wings Over Wick

(First Published by Hillhead School in 1989 as a fundraiser for the school)
It also contains The Hill Avenue Bombing and Other Wartime Memories - coming later to Caithness.org

This booklet is made from interviews which Primary 7 pupils of Hillhead Primary School in Wick had with grandparents neighbours and contacts through the school.

No special appeal outside the school was made to find them.  They are a sample of ordinary people who lived in Wick during the last war and remember their experiences.

We would like to thank all the people below who helped us to make this book.  Without their help it would not have been possible.

Not only did they answer our questions but they also let us record their answers on tape.   A special thanks to Mr Cameron who spoke to the whole class about his wartime experiences. Many thanks to all these people'

Bank Row Bombing

Hill Avenue Bombing

Coming later from the same publication........
Other Wartime Memories


Mrs Bremner, 77 Seaforth Avenue Wick was interviewed by Stuart Tait

Mrs Budge, 6 Sinclair Terrace Wick was interviewed by Leoni and Carol

K Cameron, 89 Willowbank, Wick was interviewed by Primary �7.

Mrs Campbell, 8 Leishnan Avenue. Wick was interviewed by Carol.

Mr Clark, 2 Dunnet Avenue, Wick was interviewed by Stuart Lawrence.

Mrs B Gunn 1 Bon Accord Street, Wick was interviewed by Carol

Mrs Hooker Upper Puldagon, Stiirkoke was interviewed by her grandson Gregory

Mr Donald Mackay, "Sonas" Willowbank, Wick was interviewed by Sarah and Cheryl

Mrs Macleod, 62 Willowbank, Wick was interviewed by Richard and Scott

Mr Ian McKay, 28 Lelshman Avenue, Wick was interviewed by Stuart Tait

Mr Mathieson, School House, Staxigoe was interviewed by Kevin Watt and John

Mrs Miller, 14 Harbour Terrace, W1ck was interviewed by Sarah

Mr David Richard, 6 Hill Avenue, Wick was interviewed by his grandson Graeme.

Mrs N Robertson, 17 Sinclair Terrace, Wick was interviewed by Beth and Sara.

Mrs Kate Robertson, 63 Henrietta Street, Wick was Interviewed by her grand-daughter Shirley and friend Sara.

Mrs R Robertson, 98 Willowbank, Wick was interviewed by Carol and Leoni.

Mrs Sinclair, 28 Leith Walk was Interviewed by her grandson Gary

Mrs Doris Sutherland, 16 Elzy Road, Staxigoe was interviewed by Julie.

We recorded many hours of interviews and many thousands of words. In all cases we used only a fraction of a person�s interview. It was a difficult choice to decide which pieces to use for they all told interesting stories of the Second World War in Wick.