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Miller Family
Information supplied by John Page
Entered on Caithness.org 28 December 2000

John Page Writes 11 September 2001 - 
Hoping you could place this clipping on you site in the hope someone might know the Mrs J Gunn mentioned. Sinclair Sutherland is my G G Grandfather, his son John is the husband of Mrs Sutherland (Jessie Sinclair) my G Grandmother. Lizzie Sutherland is believed to be John's sister.
Having seen our Miller Family history supplied by Maureen Materi(nee Scott), John Page, Whyalla, Australia has sent some of his information on the Miller family he is connected to in Caithness.  John has carried out extensive research and his family connections in Caithness and Orkney are extensive.  We have not yet had time to study the information and may never get to it.  We are reproducing it here in case it is useful to anyone.  John Page has listed many of his connections on a web site at  http://www.geocities.com/Heartland/Flats/8471/

John said, "I have been doing a family tree since my son was born here in Australia 21years ago. He was the only one in the family not born in Scotland, and I wanted him to know something of his extended family overseas. It's ironic, when I lived there I didn't take the opportunity to talk to great Aunts/Uncles and many others that remembered things I am now searching for."
"The web site I have with my tree list only direct ancestors, I have over 2500 names in my data base, with over 1000 blood relatives, and would be very happy to share any information."
Contact John via his web site above.

11 June 2001
John Page's database information on many families from Caithness Orkney and Sufffolk.  To assist in deciding to search John's Data you may like to check the listings he has provided to us before going over to his web site.  They are in alphabetical order and the reference number is the index number of the person adjacent -
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His places database is also produced here for you to check

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Descendants of William Miller
 #1694   (~ 01 Jan 1790, Watten, Caithness, Margaret Cormack #1695  * Abt 1755, Watten, Caithness, * 18 May 1755, Watten, Caithness, (Daughter of James Cormack #1696  and Janet Swanson #1697  ) )

Shows 6 generations with several surnames and concludes with the latest arrival in Aberdeen on 4th January 2000.

 Descendants of William Miller
 (~ 06 Dec 1822, Wick, Caithness, Cathrine Gunn #1314  )

Shows 4 generations.
Connections include Wick, Thrumster, Canada and more....

Descendants of William Miller
 #2119  * Abt 1830, Wick, Caithness, Scotland, 11 Oct 1896, Hillhead, Sarclet, Caithness, Scotland,  (~ 29 Dec 1854, Wick, Caithness, Scotland, Anne Oag #2118  * 15 Apr 1832, Thrumster, Caithness, Scotland, * Oct 1832, Wick, Caithness, Scotland, 05 Aug 1916, Sarclet, Wick, Caithness, Scotland, (Daughter of Alexander Oag #2025  and Anne Oag #2031  ) )  

Gives details of this family and their
12 children.

Descendants of William Miller
 (~ 03 Feb 1750, Wick, Caithness, Christen Harrold #1255  )

                       Children :

    2.      I        George Miller #1225  * Abt 1751,     II        Isabell Miller #1256  * Abt 1752, * 26 Nov 1752,Wick, Caithness,              III      John Miller #1257  * Abt 1753, * 11 Feb 1753, Wick, Caithness,  

Shows three generations ending with -
Jean Stewart #1224 
* 1841, * 08 Jan 1841, Wick, Caithness,

Descendants of William Miller
Alexander Miller #2179  Aft 1785,  (~ 11 Feb 1848, Wick, Caithness, Scotland, Janet Murry #2180  Bef 1785, )

One generation.
Oag/Forbes connection.

Descendants of William Miller
Alexander Miller #1467  * Abt 1792, Fister, Caithness,  (~ 08 Feb 1817, Bower, Caithness, Willimmina Manson #1468  )

Four generations.
Final entry -
Andrew (Addie) Steven #46  * 1922,  (~ , Menna Jones #74  22 Nov 2000, Raigmore Hospital, Inverness, Scotland, )