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From Karen Grant

Berriedale Circa 1910

I found this old postcard in this scrapbook. The reverse reads, "Miss Sutherland, 514 Wellingston Cres., Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. I have settled into the post I mentioned to you in my last. That is a view of my new house, at the end. Where the washing is out! Yrs. BCC"

I believe that this was sent by Barbara Campbell (nee Sutherland) Christie to her sister Jessie Sutherland (later Ramsay) In Winnipeg. Barbara Sutherland was married in Canada to Bert Christie in 1908, she returned to Clyne, SU and her husband died just a month before her son was born. She was a nurse, and lived in Berriedale. In 1915 she married Magnus Ganson, and he died in Berriedale in 1932.

This postcard must have been sent between 1910 and 1915.

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