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History of Caithness
J. T. Calder
Appendix No 5

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Showing his right of succession to the Baronetcy of Dunbeath, conferred on James Sinclair of Dunbeath
by Patent from Queen Anne, under Sign Manual, dated at Windsor, 12 October 1701

Note - It is recorded in Douglas' Baronetage that George (of Mey), third son of George, fourth Earl of Caithness, married Margaret, daughter of william, seventh Lord Forbes, and that they had three sons and three daughters, the THIRD son being Alexander Sinclair of Latheron, of whom the Sinclairs of Dunbeath and Latheron, of Stempster, of Brabster, and of Barrock, are descended. the present Pedigree goes, therefor, no further back than this Alexander Sinclair of Latheron, the common ancestor of all these families, though it may be mentioned that William, the eldest brother of the said Alexander bacame  Sir Wm. Sinclair of Mey, the ancestor of the present Earl of Caithness, and that John, the second brother, who succeeded to the estates of Dunbeath, etc., was created a Baronet in 1631, but as the patent, which is not to be found on record, is stated by Douglas to have been the male heir of his body, the title became extinct on his death without issue.  He was succeeded in his estates by his nephew, William Sinclair of Latheron and Dunbeath, the eldest son of the said Alexander Sinclair of Latheron, with whom this pedigree commences.
The numbers on the Pedigree have reference to the Schedule of Evidence No. 6
Alex. Sinclair of Latheron
3rd son of George of Mey, son of 4th Earl of Caithness died before 1668

                 |                                                                                                                                                                                             |                            |                                 |

Wm. Sinclair
of Latheron and Dunbeath, served heir to his father, Alexander, 16th Feb 1688
Retours No. 6893
          No. 21
Alex. Sinclair of Stempster, died without issue suc. by his nephew William Sinclair of Stempster
No 19
No. 22
John Sinclair of Brabster, married a daughter of Patrick Sinclair of Ulbster
No. 5
Geo. Sinclair of Barrock

     |                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        |                                 |

     ---------------------------------------------------                                                                                                                                                            |                                  |

                  |                           |                                  |                                                                                                                                                             |                                  |  

No. 16
John Sinclair of Latheron and Dunbeath
No 19.
Wm. Sinclair of Stempster, suc. uncle, Alex. Sinclair of Stempster, No 21 dying without issue was suc. by younger brother, Sir James
No. 8
Sir Jas. Sinclair of Dunbeath and Stempster, Bart., er. Knight Bart, by Patent from Queen Anne, Oct 12, 1704
Dies in 1742
        No 23
Alexander Sinclair of Brabster, the only son, who married a daughter of John Sinclair of Rattar.
No. 4
John sinclair of Barrock, his eldest son m. 1st Anne, d. of Robt.Sinclair of duren: 2d. Janet d. of Sir Jas. Dunbar of Hempriggs

        |                                                                   |                                                                                                                                                                      |
        ------------------------                                ---------------------------------------------------------------                                ---------------------------                  
                |                            |                                      |                              |                            |                             |                              |                                 |

No. 17
James Sinclair of Latheron the elder
No 20.
Wm. sinclair
Colonel in Bavaria died without issue
No. 9
Sir Wm. Sinclair of Dunbeath, 2nd Bart.
No. 12
Alex. Sinclair died without issue
No. 13
Sir Ben Sinclair 4th Bart., served heir to his brother Alex., & succeed'd to lands of Stempster by disposition from Sir Jas. Sinclair his father, dated 31st. Jan., 1740
No. 15
Archd. Sinclair died without issue
No 24
George Sinclair of Scrabster their eldest son who having died without male issue was succeeded by
No. 26
Patrick Sinclair died without issue
No. 3
Alex Sinclair of Barrock his eldest son by his first marriage.

               |                                                              |                                                                 |                                                            |                                                                  |

James Sinclair of Latheron, the younger, his only son, died without issue
  No. 10
Cap. Al. sinclair married to Elizabeth sutherland but predeceased his father.
  No. 14
Sir John Sinclair, 5th Bart. died without male issue, October 1842
  No. 25
Ann Sinclair his only daughter and heiress
  No. 2
John Sinclair of Barrrock his eldest son

                                                                             |                                                                                                                                                                                                  |

    No. 11
Sir Alex. Sinclair 3rd Bart. died without issue
Note - From the above Pedigree (dating from the creation of the title in 1704) it will be seen that the present Sir John Sinclair (Barrock House) is sixth Baronet of Dunbeath.  the estate of Dunbeath, from which Sir John only takes title, has been in the  possession of various hands.  As related in the body of this work, it became the property of Lord Forbes early n the seventeenth century.  He sold it, in 1624, to sir John Sinclair of Geanies, in Ross-shire, second son of George Sinclair of Mey.  Sir John left the property of Dunbeath to his nephew, son of his brother Alexander of Latheron: and it remained in this family until purchased, about the middle of last century, by William Sinclair of Freswick, whose son John (Sheriff of Caithness) entailed it. No. 1
John Sinclair now of Barrock, the Claimant
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