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History of Caithness
J. T. Calder
Appendix No 5

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William Sinclair,
elder brother of
George, son of the
4th Earl

George Sinclair
died about 1610, mar.
Margaret, daughter of
William, 7 L. Forbes

                 |------------------------- |

Sir William
created 1631, married
Katharine, dgtr. of
Ross of Balnagowan

John Sinclair
kn'td. 1631, d 1651,
pur. Geauies, Stemster
Brabstermyre & Dunbeath (vide Dunbeath).

mar. Wm Dunbar of Hempriggs, cr. 1698
d. 1741, now represented
by Sir Geo. Dunbar.


Sir James
mar. Elizabeth, 2 dgtr.
of John Ld. Lindores.


Sir William
mar. Margaret, d'tr of
Geo., Earl of Seaforth.

Robert Sinclair
of Durran, 2 son of Sir
Jas. & I Durran f'mly.

George Sinclair
of Olrig, 4 s'n of Sir Jas.
ances. Olrig Sinclairs.


Sir James,
m. Francis, daughter
of Sir John Towers.


Sir James,
m. Mary daughter of
James, Lord Duffus.


Sir James
m. Margaret, daug. of
Jn. Sinclair, Barrock.


Sir John
m. Charlotte, daug.of
Eric, Lord Duffus.


Sir James, 12 Earl
of Caithness, m. Miss Campbell, Barcaldine.


Alexander, 13 Earl
m Francis H. Leigh
dr. of Dean Hereford.


James, 14th Earl, m
Louisa G Philips, dr.
of sir Geo. Phillips.








Notes - Durran remained in the family of Sinclair until purchased by the late Earl of Caithness.
the male representatives of this branch are Augustus Sinclair and Lieut.-Colonel John Sutherland Sinclair, R.A.
The Estate of Olrig remained in the family till the time of Charles Sinclair of Olrig.   He left a daughter, Fenella, who married Mr Cullen, barrister-at-law, and left several children.  whether Mrs Cullen, or her father, sold the estate, I have not been able to ascertain.

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