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Latheron History
A brief look at the history of Latheron
by Rosie O'Hara

Area Covered by this Project
This project covers approx. 1 square mile including the Sub Post Office at Latheron situated on the north west corner of the junction between the A9 to Thurso and A 895 to Wick and the 18th Century bridge at Latheronwheel. (Map refs. 345199 and 339189.)  Making special reference to the hamlet of Latheron and Latheronwheel as the village centre of Latheron Parish, which is the largest parish in Caithness.

The Name Latheron

Physical Background

Evidence Of Early Settlers

Standing Stones At Latheron

Latheronwheel Bridge Broch

The Picts



Churches In Latheron

Latheron Castle

Local Inns Housing & Food

Farms and Farming/Land Ownership

Life on a Croft in Latheron in the 1930s

Post Office

More Pictures Od Latheron in A - Z

More Pictures of Latheronwheel