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Thurso Parish History Group

Thurso Parish History Group have formed a new resource in the local library to let people find information about the area more easily.   The new resource contains information about a variety of aspects of Thurso's past and is being transferred into a database to make the information more easily found.
The group formed last October to bring together information about Thurso.  The group is collating information on many topics. 
The group meets every six weeks in the library.

Anyone wishing to contribute to the group or submit maps, photographs or books should contact
Sandy Gunn on 01847 892799 or
Thurso Library 01847 893237
Arrangements will be made to copy items and return the originals.

Mike Brunton    
David Bews       
Alan MacIvor   
Allan Lannon     
Ian Cassells      
Ricky Mackay     
Sandy Gunn
Joyce Brown
Morris Pottinger
Davis Crowe
Jimmy MacLean

Military history/Templars
 Well known people/local worthies
Viking Period
Well Known local people/worthies