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21 July 03
Local Riders Access Group Plan Anti Ragwort Campaign
It has been noticed that there is a proliferation of ragwort in the Dunnet area and a campaign has been organised by the Dunnet Riders to eradicate as much as possible from the area. Ragwort does not just affect horses but all grazing animals. It causes progressive and irreversible liver damage. Ragwort is an injurious weed covered by the 1959 Weeds Act.  Occupiers of agricultural land are required to take action to prevent the spread of scheduled weeds on to other areas of agricultural land.  Occupiers of non-agricultural land will be required to do the same if agricultural land is at risk.  If the weed is on Council land, they should take action to clear it.
The weed is particularly prevalent at present - a pretty yellow flower but DEADLY.  To join the campaign, telephone 01847 851991 between 11am and 5pm for information, or email tinaiving@dunnethead.co.uk. Ragwort pulls are planned for every Sunday at midday from next Sunday to the end of August. Spades and refreshments will be provided! "

1 June 03
A new group has formed for riders in Dunnet
Details from Tina Irving at Dunnet Head Tearooms

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