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Suite Guests Told To 'Haud Yer Wheesht!'

Tourists staying at Aberdeen's Skene House Suites are being baffled by
door knob signs extolling them to 'Haud Yer Wheesht.' The new door knob hangers replace the old 'Please Be Quiet' signs which are common in hotels and serviced suites. The reverse of the signs says 'Come In The
Noo' - rather than 'My Room Is Ready To Be Made Up.'

The elementary lesson in Doric dialect for guests is a new part of the Skene House experience. Many Skene House Suites guests are from overseas, with a large proportion coming from Norway. The hangers are being provided for each of the 145 suites run by Skene House at three locations close to Aberdeen City Centre.

Peter Medley, General Manager and Director of Skene House, says, "Many of our visitors come to Scotland for the cultural experience and where better for them to be initiated into the delights of the local dialect than in their own accommodation. The new door knob hangers have sparked a lot of comment - and have resulted in some rather unusual pronunciations!"

Skene House staff are also providing guests with some other Doric gems which may be useful to them during their stay in the Silver City. Top of the list are the ubiquitous Aberdonian greeting - 'fit like?' (how are you?) and the traditional response which is 'nae bad' (not bad). Others include
* Foos yer doos (how are things with you)
* Far div I fin the boaties? (Where is the harbour?)
* It's cal, ya'll need yer semit on (It's cold, you will need your
   vest on)
* Hae a drink to kittle the appetite (Have a drink to whet the
* Dinna fash yrsel (Don't stress yourself)
* Hae a wee swalla' (Have a little drink)
* Here's tae us! Wha's like us! (Here's to us, who is like us)
* A'm nae weel, sen fur the doctor ( I am unwell, send for a
* Fower coffees, please. An while yer aboot it, fower drams (Four
   coffees please. And could I also trouble you for four whiskies)
* We raise oot a wir bed at echt o'clock (We get up at 8 am)
* Ye can ging ti yr bunk and turn in if ye like (You can go to
   bed, if you want)

Skene House is one of the largest providers of city centre accommodation in Aberdeen.  Further information on Skene House Whitehall, Skene House Rosemount and Skene House Holburn is available at www.skene-house.co.uk

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