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Valuiki Sleddogs
Valuiki Dogs Web Site

Caithness is lucky to have a champion sleddog team now in the county.   Racing under the name Valuiki the dogs are trained and cared for by Adrian & Lynn Tilsed.   Valuiki are one of the most predominant and successful Sleddog kennels in the United Kingdom.  They currently have 12 sleddogs in full time work, 2 of these being Alaskan huskies the remainder being Siberian huskies.   Results over the last 3-4 years have been outstanding with 51 x 1st places 22 x 2nd places 11 x 3rd places.

The team were British champions in 2000 in 2 classes and were the United Kingdom champions in 2001 in 2 classes also. This year has again the team has been crowned the United Kingdom champion in the 3-dog class, and were only narrowly beaten, into the runner up position, in the 6-dog class!

Adrian and Lynn have only recently relocated to Caithness and being new to the area are actively trying to promote and raise interest in their kennels and race teams.  They are in the process of searching for new sponsors for the rapidly approaching race season, and with a long term view to supporting them in a bid to be chosen as Great Britain team members at the Winter Olympics in 2006.

There is a tremendous commitment and dedication required to produce dogs at this level, race after race, and to maintain such consistent top 3 positions. They are away racing around 12 weekends of the year during October to March.  The remainder of the year is spent training the dogs regularly, during the summer months they try and maintain (temperature dependant) at least one training session a week. From the bank holiday weekend at the end of August through to the end of May they train the dogs either 3 or 4 times a week.

At Aviemore in January 2003, the team were a very creditable 2nd place, in the 6-dog class, at the event and also managed to set the trail record on the first day.  A notable achievement as the team had lacked the correct preparation prior to the event, following the family move from Dorset just before Christmas!

More information on the team can be found at Valuiki Dogs Web Site

If any companies or individuals are interested in sponsoring the team in any way they can contact Adrian or Lynn Tilsed at -
01955 609355

26 July 03
New Dogs
The 4 hounds have well and truly arrived and, until the last few weekends, we have started their training.  It's going to be a long job and to be honest we could still do with more appropriate trails to train them on, but heck we'll try our best!  But they are lovely dogs and full of energy, great fun in the kennels and seem to have fitted in really well with the others.

25 May 03
Training At Rumster Forest

Training goes on throughout the year to keep the dogs in condition.   Soon the present dogs will be joined by four new dogs and training will start earlier as summer comes on to ensure that the dogs get the coolest part of the day. 

Training Tracks Needed
Rumster Forest provides several miles of track but there is not enough variation and turns.  If anyone knows of a track of about six or seven miles preferably with a circular route then get in touch.   The dog teams are amongst of the top in the country and any assistance in improving their performance in access to training places will be appreciated.  All dog faeces are removed from the sites.