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Special Report on Indonesia - 30 May 2000

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Participatory Research in Asia - PRIA
PRIA's mission is to promote people-centred, holistic and comprehensive evolution of society characterised by freedom, justice, equity, and sustainability by:

  • creating opportunities of sharing, analysing and learning among formations of the civil society (in particular, people´s organisations and NGOs); 

  • engaging in independent and critical analysis of societal trends and issues, development policies and programmes; and 

  • enabling dialogue across diverse perspectives, sectors and institutions.

PRIA is currently a member of the NGO Working Group on the World Bank and Chairs the sub-group on Participation. PRIA is also the secretariat for the International Forum for Capacity Building (IFCB). Rajesh Tandon is the chairperson for Civicus and president of the Asia South Pacific Bureau of Adult Education (ASPBAE).

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 A Gateway site to government, non-profit and other Indian sites.

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Life Vision - For the Tibetan People

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