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Airneis Tuath

If you are interested in the traditional furniture of the peoples of the Highlands and Islands of Scotland, then you will be interested in "Airneis Tuath", an archive of their vernacular furniture.


What will it contain?

A host of archive material: photographs, drawings, actual pieces, anecdotal evidence and interviews, books, drawings, plans and information on construction, locations, references and bibliographies.

Who is it for?

Furniture makers, historians, teachers and students, and anyone with an interest in vernacular furniture.

How will it be accessed?

The central archive will be housed at Little Achfrish, where interested parties will be able to gain access to material by phone, letter, E-mail and appointment.

How will it develop?

As material is gathered it will be digitalised and stored.  copies will be made to disc and cd and in time will be available to museums and libraries and individuals. a permanent web site for international access to the archive is being created.  In addition specific booklets and more general books will be published from time to time.  Regular exhibitions of historical material and their makers, together with workshops and study sessions are planned throughout the Highlands and Islands.  New makers of vernacular furniture will be encouraged to develop their work.

How can I help?

By offering access to material you may have, by contributing material you may have, by contributing material, by alerting the curator to material that you may know exists, by gathering material for the archive, by recommending others to do the same and by general support.

If you would like to become more involved and be kept up-to-date with the progress of the archive then why not become a Friend of Airneis Tuath