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Alternative Cancer Treatments
A site from Quackwatch looking at many alternative treatments and sounding the warnings.

Information on Chemotherapy Drugs and Side Effects.  Scott Hamilton's chemotherapy site offers the latest chemo information for cancer patients and their families, caregivers and friends.

Action Cancer
American Breast Cancer Information
Association for International Cancer Research
Bob Champion Cancer Trust
Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign
Breakthrough Breast Cancer
Breast Cancer Campaign
Breast Cancer Care
Breast Health Network
Bristol Cancer Help Centre
Cancer Net
US National Cancer info site
- Doctor or Patient view.
Cancer Research Campaign

CancerHelp UK
Canteen - Considers issues for teenagers with cancer
Children with Leukaemia Trust
Holistic Cancer Care Project
Imperial Cancer Research Fund
Institute of Cancer Research
Inst of Cancer Research Everyman Campaign
Awareness of cancers affecting men.
Joshua Gilbert Habdomyosarcoma Appeal
Leukaemia Busters
Leukaemia CARE
Leukaemia Research Fund
Listserv - huge database of information on Cancer

Lung Cancer Online
Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research
Macmillan Cancer Relief
Marie Curie Cancer Care
North of England Children's Cancer Research Fund
Prostate Cancer Charity
Quest Cancer Research
Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation
Sargent Cancer Care for Children
Women's Nationwide Cancer Control Campaign

Cancer Trials - Research



 http://www.komen.org/ - "The Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation is a good source for information on risk factors, treatment options, and how to find out about the many events taking place to raise money."

 http://www.breastcancer.net/ - "The Breast Cancer Net site has the latest news on breast cancer-both the treatments and the detection."

 http://www.cancer-info.com/ - "The Cancer Information and Support International site is as informative and positive as possible, thanks to the contributions of many doctors, researchers, homeopaths, health care workers and their patients."

 http://www.clubs.yahoo.com/clubs/breastcancer - "The Yahoo Breast Cancer Group on the Web is a great support group!!! I found many special women there who supported me through some rough times."

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