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Easy Peezy Scottish Quiz

Which town is the capital of Scotland?
A) Glasgow
B) Edinburgh
C) Dundee
Which loch has the most water in Scotland?
A) Loch Ness
B) Loch Watten
C) Loch Katrine

What is the name of the famous Scottish monster?
A) Bessie
B) Jessie
C) Nessie

Which is the highest mountain in Scotland?

A) Ben More
B) Ben Nevis
C) Big Ben

How many millions of people live in Scotland?
A) 6 million
B) 5 million
C) 4 million

Which is the only poisonous snake in Scotland?
A) Adder
B) Grass Snake
C) Slow Worm

The river Clyde runs through which Scottish city?
A) Glasgow
B) Edinburgh
C) Dundee

What colour is the Scottish Flag?

A) Blue with a white cross
B) Red with a white cross
C) Yellow with a white cross 

What is the old spoken language of Scotland?
A) Celtic
B) Irish
C) Gaelic

Nname of the Parliament building?
A) Hollywood
B) Holyrood
C) Oldy Wood