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Caithness Community Web Site Teaching Jobs In Highlands

Links & Information

Caithness Schools

Caithness Studies
Centre For Continuing Education - University of Aberdeen
Based at Halkirk   

The Gateway
American meta search engine created by the United States Department of Education.  The Gateway to Educational Materials is a free and allows educators (and parents) search for lesson plans from over 24,480 different Internet resources.  It also allows search by American school grades.

New York Time Learning Network
News summaries, lesson plans, and current events quizzes.
The articles you find at the Learning Network have also been written for the younger audience. Click on a difficult or complex word in a Learning Network article and up comes that word's dictionary definition. Click on a country's name and you get an atlas showing you that country's map and key demographic information.

New York Times College
Lots of Articles on many topics that may be useful for older students and pupils.

Educators Guide To The Olympics
You will find Fact Sheets, Questions and Activities, Worksheets and Lesson Plans to help you incorporate the Olympics into your curriculum. 
See Also Olympics 2004 & Winter Olympics Salt Lake City

Elementary Pages For Students & Teachers
Lots of good links and information - North American bias

Science Tobacco & You
Great resources from Florida State University for teaching children about the dangers of Tobacco

Scholastic Teachers
American site with lots of topics and advice

Turning Point - For Teaching Citizenship

BBC Education Web Guide
A must for all UK Educators Favourites.  It has coverage of hundreds of web sites in categories to fit education.  You don't need to be in education to find this site very useful.

4Learning Channel 4 TV
4 Learning Secondary 11 - 18

Sites For Teachers Parents and Children

Sites For Students And Others
New York Times College

As you might expect American bias but great amount of info.

Just For Teachers
A Yell.com award candidate - Lots of resources here

Community Learning Scotland

Free Resources For Teaching English

Book Adventure

WTech Gateway - For students & teachers about countries around the world.

Surfing With The Bard

Scottish Consultative Council on the Curriculum

Early Years Web site of Scottish NGFL

Math & Science on The Net  

Films.com - For Educational Films

Children's Literature Web Guide  

Getting Girls Interested in Computers 

Create and print customized word search, crossword, and math puzzles using your own information!

Teacher Lesson Plans

Education Virtual Resources

ICT Scotland

provides free downloadable programmes to assist people with disabilities - it also provides links to other sites with a pragmatic outlook and content

Learning and Teaching Scotland

Developing curriculum 3 - 18 and to promote effective use of ICT in education and throughout life.


If you are looking for web sites to help children develop basic reading skills and have fun you should take a look at our listings.  This is a page of a slowly expanding set of pages where children and young people will enjoy learning.  Under the general heading of Kids Links an increasing number of subjects will bring you interesting web sites with great content to save you having to search them out.  this seemingly random selection will gradually be categorised into different subject headings to assist children, parents and other interested people find suitable web sites for children.

Teacher Vision  
Another American Site packed with assistance.
Save prep time with our teacher-tested plans and seasonal activities
- Post homework, events and projects on your free class website
- Save time with your online, calculating grade book
- Track students' performance with our online quizzes.
(Receive quiz results via email -- we do the work for you!

Science Classroom Resources
Teachers Lab
A place for Teachers To Explore New ideas In Learning

Create Weather Lesson Plans 
Need Some Ideas For
Younger Classes 

Need A Short French Course - Free 

Virtual Immersion - also available in Spanish

This is a fun site with educational content including exercises to increase word power and maths and much more all FREE for younger children nursery age and primary

Play Kids Games
Here is another fun site with an emphasis on alphabet games

Study Works Online

Maths can be made interesting for young children and this site proves it.

Reading Matters
A comprehensive site from the National Education Association of America.  Full of advice for teachers and parents.  Free information to download. 

America Reads

Check out the American Learns literacy Assessment Programme here.  A government sponsored site with valuable advice.

Story Place

Get stories read aloud in English or Spanish.  A fun site with the aim of promoting reading.  Needs Flash Plug-in.

National Center for Family Literacy  

American non-profit - may be of interest to teachers.

Discovery Teaching Tools
"Teachers, save time and use DiscoverySchool.com's web tools, Instant Glossary Builder and Vocabulary Quiz Maker to create customized word glossaries and word definition quizzes in a click of a button. Each tool only takes a few easy steps to use and complete. Just enter the list of words into Glossary Builder and it finds the definitions and creates the glossary."

Introduction to Science in Society  
Intro to Science is wonderful way for teachers of natural science to offer students dynamic learning opportunities that go beyond traditional textbook teachings. This site offers a graphics-rich journey through the wonders of natural science using animation and experimentation to enhance learning of chemistry, atomic theory, nuclear science, astronomy, genetics, cell structure, and human anatomy. It features a customizable lesson plan package useful for university and high school level science instructors.

The Busy Educators Guide to The World Wide Web 
The Busy Educator's Guide To The World Wide Web features information about top Internet sites for busy teachers, librarians and parents. Book, software and reviews of educational games, teacher articles, reports and a free newsletter with back issues can also be found here.

Computer Ergonomics
Computer Ergonomics is about things that you can do to make working on a computer more comfortable and better for your body. For example, wearing a bike helmet when riding a bike and a seatbelt when riding in a car are two simple things that you do to be safe. The Computer Ergonomics for Elementary School Students (CergoS) Web site will show you some simple and affordable ways to make sure that your body is safe and comfortable while using a computer.

A T & T Virtual Classroom 

This fun, innovative program brings together primary and secondary students in a unique and stimulating environment that simulates a real classroom.  It's all via the Internet, and it's all free!

Education Community on the e-Learning Hub    
Educators, education students and teacher educators are invited to join in forum discussions and to use a continually growing array of resources. The site features a Web directory of URLs for the best sites for teachers as well as a Library filled with content on compelling topics in education today.

The Read In 
This site is for an online literacy project which is FREE of charge. The site contains reading resources, lesson plans,suggested activities, simple links, author websites, reproducibles, fun things to make and a discussion board.

RHL School

Free worksheets and more that are fun to do - great for parents and teachers.

Global Learning Online  

International Learning

Open University database of courses and material.  31,000 courses at over 1000 institutions and 11,000 extracts from books, journals etc.   With 15 years start into distance learning you may find what you are looking for here.

Globewide Academy
Look up 17,000 courses worldwide here

If you ever wonder about plagiarism then here is a web site to help. 

Findsame will search the web after you upload or paste an article an article, piece of work or a web site address and then match the same phrases or sentences and tell you where it comes from.  Check out which authors are using other peoples stuff or anything you want to find a source for.

Science Teaching Resources going in to Science Links section 13 October 2000

Maths Teaching Resources now going in to Mathematics Links 13 October 2000

English Teaching Resources Links added to English Language Links Page 12 October

Dyslexia Teacher
Information and resources for helping dyslexic pupils and students. 12 October 2000

Free Lesson Plans - American 10 October 2000

MFL Graphics - of interest to language teachers  lots of free downloads 10 October 2000

All About Atoms - Fun Learning site 10 October 2000

Element Games 10 October 2000

Pedagonet - Learning Resources Search Engine 7 October 2000

Database of Award Winning Children's Literature 7 October 2000

Teaching Handwriting Reading And Spelling Skills -THRASS 7 October 2000

Sports Media - Physical Education for everyone - aimed at sports educators 7 October 2000

Physical Education - Lesson Plans
7 October 2000

Literacy and Education 25 September 2000

Yahoo Educational Resources 25 September 2000

BBC Consultation on "Digital Curriculum" - 
Not for courses but you might be interested.

Alphabetical List of Educational Resources 21 September

700 Great Sites 21 September

Sofweb From Victoria Australia 21 September

Atheneum to become not simply a place to pick up missed homework assignments or notes, but a virtual reading room—where you can pull up a virtual overstuffed chair, kick off your virtual shoes, and learn more ON YOUR OWN about topics we cover in class.

Lesson Plans Page - Over 1000 lesson plans. American Site.

Internet Public Library

Looking for Lesson plans and More

Teacher Vision -
American Lesson plans and more..

The English Teachers Web Page

Deaner's Language/Arts Page

Clarkson's English Teaching Page

Music Education

The Music Education Launch Site - Part of an Education Music Web Ring

Several other Educational web sites are listed in the Music Links in the Music Section of Caithness.org

Allegro - The Music Education Search Site

Education Unlimited 
for all the latest news and background in education

Janet Network
JANET is the network for the education and research community within the United Kingdom.


Music Teachers Resource Site - Its Great
Since 1996 they have helped thousands of music teachers and PGCE students with their queries, lesson ideas etc. If you have any good lesson plans and would like to contribute, feel free to do so - just e-mail  Rob Jones
Ask an expert 

Need a helping hand? This is a list of experts on a variety of music education topics with E-mail links who may be able to help you. 

Open 2 Net - Open University


Chemistry Course Study/Revision Standard/Higher Grades
Compiled by Teachers in the subject.  Joat Services

Information for Education

Highland Research Network

Scottish Virtual Teachers Centre  -
Government Site

Guide to Education & Training in Scotland


Scottish Development Education Centre

Enter The Education Web Rings 

Free Worksheets - 
4500 another 1000 by 31/1/2000

DVC Learning Style
To check a students style.

European Information for Teachers and Trainers

Teaching & Learning on the Web

Northern Ireland Network for Education

Teachers and Parents wanting to teach your kids how to build web sites or learn yourself using simple language then go to -
Web Monkey for Kids
This site also has resources and information about the Internet, easy HTML guide and much more.  Safety and security issues are also discussed.

For resources on Development issues.

National Grid for Learning

The Internet Public Library
More than 10,000 links worldwide organised by Librarians.

Internet Resources in Education 
Organised by University of Adelaide

Education - Virtual Library Charlse Sturt University

Education World - massive in USA
"Where educators go to learn."

Bell South Education Gateway - USA

Blueweb Learning Archives - USA etc

Education Channels - USA

Education Index

Educational Issues - Large Resource - Chicago

Teachers College Record

Edutech - Online Resources 

Education Line  
An enormous database of texts in education. 
 Full texts on many subjects for you to download.  

British Educational Communications and Technology Agency
BECTA are also managing a new scheme to issue unique domain names to schools in the UKwww.becta.org.uk


Educational Resources in Metropolitan Police

Education Unlimited

Elizabethan Site Renaissance Faire

Cool Safe Links for Kids, Parents and Teachers

Education Software Co

Learning For Life

Little Fish Software  
Free downloads and catalogue for Primary Schools

BBC Education


Longman Logotron  UK educational software.

The Literacy Hour

Special Needs

Multimedia Course

Accelerated Learning Centre

Over 600 topics listed here teachers, parents,pupils

Pythia Software

Scandesk Information Services
Community Learning Scotland

Rickitt Educational Media

Scottish Qualifications Authority

Education in Human Values

AVP Shopping - 
Catalogues of software and videos for schools

Disability Information Systems in Higher Education

Doing Research & Educational Study on the Net

The History of Education & Childhood

Education on Britannica.com

Electronic Resources for Youth Services

The History of Education

Online Act of  Parliament Debates for Schools

Family Web Internet Training Workshops
Aimed at families with children aged 8 - 11
 and to assist parents to help their children on the net.

Education Action Zones

Results in English Schools & Colleges
We will put up the Scottish address when we find it.
Anyone can email it to bill@caithness.org 

Exams and Marking Etc.

BBC web sites cover a multitude of topics.
Go to www.bbc.co.uk Add /, followed by the name of the topic or programme and you will find more information. eg 
Education Directory
Computers Don't Bite
Education Online Newsletter

BBC Teachers Guide

Teachit  - 
English Teachers resource - lessons etc.

Learn to Use the Internet as Curriculum Resource

Learnwell Courses

Institute for Learning & Teaching in higher Education

See Also
Education on TV Listings
Free Education & Courses
Languages - free courses on the net
Homework Help

Questions And Answers
Reference Section

 Education News UK

Education - Daily News From The Guardian

Educational Services - Books

Ethical Choices
Ethical Dilemmas
Social Ethics
Legal Ethics
Health Care Ethics
Business Ethics
Peace Ethics
Integrity Ethics
Environmental Ethics
Information Ethics

Ethics & Religion
Basic Values
Values at Work 
Transparency Ethics

Wellness Update
Stress Update
Fitness Update
Nutrition/Weight Loss
Disease Prevention..
Drug Abuse
Alcohol Update
Tobacco Update
Health Care Update

Cholesterol 180
Healing Humor
Spiritual Health
EKG Review  & more
DrugFree USA

Choose Degree
In Teams

Computer Projects
Mentor Skills.
Learn with Visuals
Research Basics
Effective Outreach

Marriage Education




Inner Learning Online

Research Paper.com help on many subjects

Teachers Source at PBS - USA

Classics at University of Kentucky

The English Server - Over 27000 works online

Northwestern University

Knowledge Adventure

Scholarly Resources Project - Over 1400 sites

Teachers Union
National Union of Teachers
National Association of Head Teachers
McCrone Enquiry into Teachers Conditions
Breakfast Clubs Awards Scheme

American SAT Tests

Campaign For Learning

Workers Educational Association - Scotland

The Psychological Corporation

Higher Still Development Unit (HSDU)

Early Years Website

Guide to Education and Training in Scotland

Scottish Executive Education Department



Scottish Council for Research in Education

Scottish Further Education Unit

Scottish Qualifications Authority

Scottish Cultural Resources Access Network

General Teaching Council for Scotland

Scottish Schools Equipment Research Centre

Book Wire Links to thousands of book sites


Education Calendar - Historical events on the web