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  • Battle Ship-This classic is still as fun and thought provoking as it was twenty years ago, but now its electronic.
  • Break Out- This game is an absolute" ball" to play. It even has controls for students with special needs.
  • Catch The Spy!-You are an Interpol officer who needs to track down the movement of the Green Spy. Catch him before time runs out.
  • Concentration- A great game to stimulate memory skills! Use caution though, you may not be able to stop playing, once you start.
  • Connect Four-This old classic never seems to wear. One thing is for sure, the computer will challenge you. This is not an easy game.
  • Dots and Boxes-This is modeled after the classic school yard game. You won't need to waste paper or sharpen pencil.
  • Get The Gophers-Gophers are just tearing up your lawn. You get five tries to stop them. Stop them before your lawn turns into a sand box.
  • Knot Funny- Are you good with numbers? This one will send your head spinning.
  • Lemonade Stand- This game simulates the real-life task of running a lemonade stand. Start with twenty dollars, see how much you can make.
  • Lights All- The object of this game is get all of the lights turned on. Good luck!
  • Mad Libs- Add a few words and create an entire story with a single click. See how many crazy stories you can make.
  • Mind Reader- This game can guess your number every time. A great way to show that math can actually be fun.
  • Miniature Golf- Take the challenge on our three courses. Practice or play in a tournament. Definitely, the slickest game in our arsenal.
  • Mission Cube- Rearrange the cube and then see how fast your friends can solve it! This will test your dexterity.
  • Potato People- Pick a fruit/vegetable to dress up. Choose from a lemon, a potato, a pepper, and an onion. A healthy way to have fun!