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Caithness Nature and Environment Section

HomeAid - Furniture and other goods recycling

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Environmental Concern Orkney Pressure Group
Lady Godiva  Idiosyncratic, Sceptical, Green

Highland Biodiversity
Conservation Group Highland details
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Do Change
Scottish Executive web site with advice on transport, home and more to help the environment

Greenpeace - Get Active
Get Active in your local community! This site contains all you need to know about setting up and managing your own social and environmental campaigns, drawn from the experience of Greenpeace Australia campaigners with contributions from a range of environmental and social change activists.

Waste Watch - Recycling opportunities

Earth's Safer Chemicals Campaign

Double F  -Environmental Scientist Site

Global Environmental Change Programme

Funding Opportunities

Moray Firth Partnership
About the grants scheme
The Moray Firth Partnership Community Grants Scheme has been set up to help community groups and schools undertaking economic, environmental or cultural work in their local area on the coast and sea of the Moray Firth from John O’Groats in Caithness to Fraserburgh in Aberdeenshire.
The aim of this new grants scheme is to help meet the objectives of the Partnership by improving the future well-being of the Firth’s many assets, at a local level. These might be projects that seek to improve the economic, environmental, recreational or cultural assets of the Firth, and ideally a combination of 2 or more of these.

The scheme is particularly keen to encourage different interests to work together and involving local people in the management of their local coastline and sea.

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Nautical Archaeology Society

New Lanark Conservation Trust

National Farmers Union - Countryside

Northern Environmental Monitoring Services

Scottish Environment Link

Survival International

Use it Again

Yorkshire Dales National Park Authority

The EnviroWeb – Environmental information.

Environmental Organisation Directory – Green sites.

Royal Society for the Protection of Birds.

British Geological Web site. Lots on earthquakes.

Recycycling Net Big on saving things.

Department of Environment, Transport and the Regions. 

Bat Conservation Trust
Biological Recording in Scotland
British Dragonfly Society
British Trust for Ornithology
Botanical Society for the British Isles
British Trust for Conservation Volunteers
Butterfly Conservation (Scotland)
Hebridean Whale & Dolphin Trust
International Otter Survival Fund
John Muir Trust
Joint Nature Conservancy Council
Life Peatlands Project
Mammal Society
Marine Conservation Society
Moray Firth Partnership
Scottish Ornithologists Club
Scottish Wildlife Trust
UK Biodiversity Action Plan

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Current Awareness Service

BUBL - Environment & Conservation Links

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For Younger People
Globe  80 country project for children.

Environmental Groups in Caithness, Orkney Etc

Campaign Groups
The Salmon Farm Monitor

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Atomic Energy

Composting In Caithness
Waste Management

Latest Environment News Every Day on Caithness.org


Scottish Companies with Money to Burn
UK businesses lose a staggering 4.5 per cent of their turnover every year with Scottish companies also lagging behind when it comes to waste recycling.

Research undertaken by NetRegs www.netregs.gov.uk  the online environmental regulation advice service for small businesses found that Scotland produces an annual 15 million tonnes of waste each year, enough for each person in the country to fill one and half refuse bags per day!

However, businesses could save around £1000 per employee through simple energy efficiency programmes as basic as switching off unused lights.

John Downie, parliamentary officer for the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB), commented: "Businesses can make lots of savings by taking simple steps to reduce wastage in their business. 50% of money spent on electricity is for lighting, so there's a real incentive to make sure unused rooms are not bathed in light and costing you a fortune. Turning off lights and other equipment can make real savings, for example switching computers off at night and over the weekends can cut costs by 75%"

"These statistics from NetRegs make stark reading and I would encourage our members to find out about simple savings that will benefit their bottom line as well as the environment."

An online poll for the Forum of Private Business found that more than 55 per cent of members didn't know if their business complied with environmental legislation. The environmental regulation website NetRegs was launched in May 2004 to address this lack of awareness

The NetRegs website www.netregs.gov.uk  has been developed by the Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA) and its counterparts in England and Wales (the Environment Agency) and Northern Ireland (the Environment and Heritage Service , to help smaller businesses understand their environmental obligations.

The website provides free, plain language advice on the relevant
environmental regulations for organisations working in every sector of business across Scotland, from office businesses to agriculture.

Research commissioned by NetRegs revealed that many smaller businesses have poor awareness of environmental legislation. The survey of more than 8600 small and medium-sized businesses throughout the UK found that:
* Only 19% of those asked could name any environmental regulations affecting their activities
* Only 18% had an environmental policy in place* 32% wanted more help and advice on environmental matters

Environmental Organisation Web Directory

Glynwood Center
North America/UK Countryside Exchange  - to swap information on countryside issues.

Better Planet


Global Change

Lets Recycle  

Environmental Database - Edinburgh University Ecological Society

British Trust for Conservation Volunteers

Global Environmental Change Programme

Global Environmental Change -Main site

Environmental News Network

Environment Agency

Scottish Environment Protection Agency(SEPA)

OECD Environment Directorate

UN Environment Programme

US Environmental Protection Agency

Environment - Virtual Library

British Trees

Trees For Life

John Muir Trust

Alana Ecology

British Trees

British Trust for Conservation Volunteers

Campaign for Dark Skies

Ecology Net

English Nature

Environment Matters

Environmental Information Service

Forest of Avon

Friends of the Earth

Friends of the Earth Scotland

Great Western Community Forest

Careers in conservation and voluntary expeditions

Green Net
Resources for networking environmental groups.

Institute of Terrestrial Ecology

International Bracken Group

International Tree Foundation

National Recycling Forum

Natural Environment Research Council

Environment and Heritage Service SEPA Environment Agency Envirowise