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Cordis News

European Business News

European Union in the US

European Union - A Guide For Americans

European Central Bank

European Commission 

European Parliament

Council of the European Union

European Court of Justice

European Investment Bank

European Central Bank

European Court of Auditors

EU Publications

Dialogue With Citizens

European Union's Information Relay

EU Libraries

European Commission Press Room
The latest information and press releases and database of earlier ones.

European Commission
     Information Society Project
     What's It About?

EU Audio Visual

EU Information Services

EU Consumer Affairs

Euro Info Centres

Scottish Executive European Office

Scottish European Resource Network
Gateway to Scottish Information in Europe

Europe Funding

Europa - Gateway to Information about European Union

Information Society Technologies - Search

Cordis News

European Resource Centre Information about EU Funding and more links

Europe Direct  Rights, Opportunities, Studying, factsheets ....

Carrefour Highlands & Islands

CORDIS  Main Web Site Community Research & Development InformationMainly focuses on research and technological development .Finland

 CORDIS Online Information

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