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General Film Sites

Box Office Mojo
Lots of movie info from the industry side.

Foreign Films - another huge listing

The Oscars

007 Database
Everything about the films, cast  - its got it all.

Scotland The Movie Locations

Aint It Cool
Film Unlimited
Film Bible
Film Review
Beat Box Betty
Mr Cranky
Film Four
Worst Movies
Bad Movies
Cinema Deaths
Internet Movie

Ain't It Cool News

Hollywood Reporter
British Film Institute

Movie Mistakes
Find out about what mistakes movie makers have included in their films. 

Carfax - The Horror Film Database
Hundreds of descriptions, reviews, clips etc

UK Hot Movies
Hollywood film reviews and features from a British perspective.

Classic Movies - Over 700 Links

Turner classic Movies

American Film Institute

Movie & Cinema History - lots of Links Here

Latest In the Film Industry

Film Unlimited

Yahoo Everything to do with Movies Search

Cannes Film Festival

American Film Institute list of 100 American Funniest Films


Filmworld Hard to find films are here on video and DVD

Blackstar For videos and DVD's

Aint It Cool News

www.imdb.com   Internet Movie Database 

www.allmovie.com    All Movie Guide. Directory of films with reviews.

www.cinemachine.com    Film reviews back at source.

www.eonline.com    Film and TV news reviews etc.

www.pathe.co.uk Links to Pathe Films

Internet Movies Daatabase  http://uk.imdb.com/ 

IFILM  www.ifilm.net/ New movie makers show some stuff. 

www.jamesbond.com  No Prizes for guessing what this site is about

British Board of Film Classification

Film Education

Film & Television Studies

Thousands of movie related sites From Direct Hit

www.hollywoodreporter.com    Hollywood Reporter. News, reviews and directory.

www.imdb.com    Internet Movie Database. Masses of stuff on movies. Over 100,000 films. Loads of info on actors and on and onů..

www.movies.com    Previews of Touchstone and Hollywood movies. Interviews, samples etc. etc.

www.reel.com    Big film store.

www.showbizwire.com    Music, theatre, film, TV, video and entertainment stories.

Iconsplus  Icons from the movies for your desktop.

Box Office Guru