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Genetically Modified Foods

2 August 05
GM crop produces ‘superweed’
Mail & Guardian Online
Modified genes from crops in a genetically modified (GM) crop trial have transferred into local wild plants, creating a form of herbicide-resistant “superweed”. The cross-fertilisation between GM oilseed rape and a distantly related plant, charlock, had been discounted as virtually impossible by scientists with the British government’s environment department. It was found during a follow-up to the government’s three-year trials of GM crops, which ended two years ago.

20 January 04

Rob Gibson MSP Retains Stance On GM Crops

SNP MSP for the Highlands and Islands Rob Gibson has voiced his support for SNP MP Mike Weir’s early day motion in the House of Commons urging caution on Genetically Modified Crops.  The motion was introduced following findings from the United States Department of Agriculture that showed that some GM crops which were supposedly herbicide resistant actually required greater use of herbicides in later years.
Mr Gibson said:
“This is a worrying development and shows that there is not enough scientific evidence to say that GM crops are safe, indeed this research shows that we still know very little about them.”
Mr Gibson, who campaigned against the GM trials at Munlochy on the Black Isle, reiterated his belief said that the Scottish Executive should join European Network of GM free areas:
"Agriculture is of immense importance to the economy of Scotland and especially the Highlands. Concerns about GM crops could severely damage the industry."
Mr Weir's Early Day Motion is as follows:
EDM 376
Michael Weir
That this House is concerned at the results of research carried out by Dr Charles Benbrook on figures provided by the United States Department of Agriculture which demonstrates that far from requiring fewer herbicides some genetically modified crops require even greater amounts in later years; and believes that this demonstrates that genetically modified crops should not be licenced for use in the UK until such time as long-term trials have been carried out to demonstrate they pose no threat to the environment and that the current one year trials do not give sufficient information to base a decision on the future of such crops.

13 January 04
Advice on GM farm scale evaluation results
Scottish Paliament

13 October 03
Unauthorised GM Material In Scotland

GM Liability Bill Consultation Paper
Pdf format

29 July 03
Precautionary measures on GM trials

The Scottish Executive has taken steps to ensure that farmers who have planted oil seed rape as part of the GM Farm Scale Trials have been advised not to plant conventional oil seed rape this year.

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