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Caithness History Pages
Caithness Historical Articles

Castles in Caithness
Caithness Field Club Articles
Radar in Fleet Air Arm
Margaret Carmichael - Caithness Remembers
Building the John O'Groats Mill 1901
Early Steamship Voyages in the North

Dunnet Bay, Caithness
Harrow Pavement Works
Historic Castles & Families of the North
Sinclair Family History Project
The Battle of Altimarlach and the Last Clan War
Old Red Sandstone Fish Beds

St Fergus - Catholic Encyclopedia

Visitors to Caithness will find a number of Museums and Galleries which give a great deal of information and have huge amounts of archive material as well as artifacts covering the last few hundred years.  Resources in the county for the Historian or interested observer are -
Thurso Library

Swanson Gallery in Thurso Library
Thurso Heritage Centre - Now Caithness Horizons
Wick Library
St Fergus Gallery in Wick Library
North Highland
Wick Heritage Centre

Other Museums
Dunbeath Heritage Centre

Laidhay Croft Museum- information not available. 
Mary Ann's Cottage - information not yet available
Viking Centre - information not yet available.
Caithness Museums

Flagstone Industry at Castlehill in Caithness
Take a short walk round the Flagstone Trail.  See Pictures in Caithness.org

Prehistoric Caithness 
There are a huge number of prehistoric sites in Caithness.  Little has been done to investigate most of them.  The listing here gives only a small number of the easily accessible sites.  There are about 100 known Brochs and many standing stones, rows and circles.  Other sites are being discovered regularly by keen local historians and walkers.  
Many interesting walks taking in particular sites are organised by Caithness Field Club who are happy to welcome visitors.

Caithness Clan Sinclair
Sinclair Connections
Caithness Roll of Honour 1914 - 1919 (Army) highland Archives
Highland Archives North of Scotland - Index
History of the Clan Macrae
Caithness County at GENUKI
Caithness Field Club Pages on Caithness.org have many

British Pathe News
Making British Newsreels up to 1970 with 3500 hours of footage in over 90,000 items now available online.

AAmerican Revolution
American Revolution - Liberty
American Revolution - Birth of A Nation
American West History
American Indian Resources
Canada - History Links
Canadian History in English or French

Virtual Library - History

Exploring Leonardo -All about the artist and the Italy of his day.
Mysterious Places
Recollections of War
The History Page
History of Science Technology & Medicine
History of Mathematics - St Andrews University
18th Century Studies
Reconstructing History  -Irish, Scottish, Japanese - Basic historical stuff for people renenacting....
The Punic Wars    The Roman Revolution    The First Emperors      Hadrian's Wall
Royal Society Archives
Runnion: The Negro Exodus

Scottish History - Caithness.org Links

home to one of the largest "collections of collections" on the Internet. ibiblio is a conservancy of freely available information, including software, music, literature, art, history, science, politics, and cultural studies.

Art & Architecture
- Links

The Way Back Machine
Billions of pages of the Internet stored by the library of congress.  Also has film archives to play.  A massive project.

History Of The Internet
How the Internet was Born
A Brief History of the Internet
Internet Society
The Internet
A Little History of the World Wide Web
Internet for HistoriansInternet & World Wide Web History
History of the Web

History of the Chandalier

Historical Painting Techniques

BBC History

History In Film
National Library Of Scotland at YouTube

BFI At Youtube

This Day In History Sites
Today In History From Scope Sytems
Those Were The Days
On this Day - New York Times
Today In History - Learning Kingdom
This Day - History Channel
Today In History - American Library of Congress
This Day In Life - Life Magazine
Today In history - History.com
On This Day - The History of Today
Today In History - The History Net

History Topics  - Lots of Links
Bodliean Library
Medieval History Resources
Historical Text Archive
European History
An Abridged History Of Europe by William M Brinton - Short Book - Full Text.
History of cartography - links to many sites
The Vikings
United States History
Movie & Cinema History

The History Net

Horus History Links

Yahoo History Index

World History Compass

Historical Text Archive

List of Battles on British Soil 55BC - 1797
The National Trust
Stonehenge in 3D
Temple of Mithras

Hyper History Online
History Data Service
Guardian Century
Guardian Millennium

BBC Online History
BBC History 2000
BBC History File
BBC History Hour
BBC Modern World History
This Sceptred Isle - British History From The BBC Radio Series

Time Tracer
SCA - Midrealm
Nennius's History
Britannia History

Spartacus International
aimed at teachers and older pupils.

Public Records Office aimed at teachers - classroom resources

Internet Source Books

Original Sources/Texts

Today in History
Library of Congress
Today or Anyday
Definitely Today
Really Rotten
Today in History
Holocaust Cybrary - aimed at teachers
World War One Archives
- Lots of info free.
History Information Resources - Links to masses of sites here

Russia, 1914-17
Russo-German relations
Soviet Archives
Soviet Diary
Stephens: American Thumbprints
Twentieth Century Chronology
Suicide, 1951-1988
the industrial religion
The October Surprise
Thucydides: Peloponesian War
Trotsky: Fighting Fascism
US Historical Documents
US Inaugural Addresses
US Revolution Historical Documents
USSR in 1991
The Victorian Web
Washington: Awakening
Western Civilisation
White: Warfare of Science with Theology
Wood: The Capture of a Slaver
Woodrow Wilson

History in the UK -  Resources for Historians in the UK and beyond
Historical Text Archive
The Victorian Web
Scottish Economic History Database - 1550 - 1780
Resources For Medieval History
Resources for Celtic Studies
Resources for Anglo-Saxon Studies
The History Data Service
National Monuments Record for England
English Heritage
Medieval Texts In Middle English
Texts in Old English
Universiy of Glasgow- History Art and History Archeaology
UK History Journals
The History Place  - for Many Topics

Tudor -Maps
Map of Venus
Political Map of Europe - 1995

Reconstruction of Bosworth Field
With positions of Henry Tudor and Richard 3rds armies

Map of Virginia - 1585
Armada Map - 1588

Web Rings
The History Web Ring - for over 1200 web sites

UK  - Recent Past
UK Government - Releases Under 30 Year Rule

Gateway Sites
History Guide

Links to over 3000 sites at 17 July 2003

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Douglass: Articles
Du Bois: The Freedmen's Bureau
Early Modern Europe   Introduction   The Renaissance   The Reformation
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Eighteenth Century Studies
Environmentalism, Racism
Eurocentric Timeline
Exploring Ancient World Cultures
FDR Inaugural Address
Federalist Papers
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Feudalism to Socialism
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History Archive at The World
History and Politics Out Loud
History at your Fingertips
History of the R.A.F.
History of US Labor Law
Interview with Marx
Jefferson Inaugural
Joly: Dawn of Amateur Radio
Kansas History Archive
Laws of William
Lenin: Testament
Medieval carpentry
Medieval Pollution
Mediaeval Studies
Middle Ages    Introduction   The Dark Ages   The Carolingian Era   The Tenth Century
                         The Development of the Papacy   William the Conqueror   The First Crusade
                            Medieval Society   The Black Death    Avignonese Papacy
Mississippi State History Archive
Monroe Doctrine
More: Utopia

Moscow Postcard
Neolithic War
October Revolution
Online Catasto of 1427
Privatization Problems