Hillhead Primary
Section Two

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The pupils of Hillhead School, Wick have been building a project to show fishing and their family connections to the fishing industry in Caithness.

Alexander Budge's Picture shows
Gutting Cod In The North Sea

Andrew Bremner's Dad
Watching catch hauled

Melissa Steven's Picture
Fish to UK & Europe

Chloe Bunch's Dad
On Andrias

Lisa More's Great Uncle
George More - "Bluebell"

Alexander Budge -"Superb"
and first "Boy Andrew"

Steffi Niwa's Great Grandad
Skipper - " Smiling Morn"

Steffi Niwa's Great Grandad
Robert Swanson "Num"

Rona Plowman's Great Grandad's
Fish Shop


Andrew Bremner's Dad's boat
Boy Andrew in Holland


More pictures to come at a later date.