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Wick Junior Triathalon

6th Wick Brownies

Older Ballet Class, Thurso

North Highland Children's Choir

Dipterus & Coccosteus Found By Kids - Achanarras 
Lots of items were found and these kids found there fossils and had them identified by the experts today.  An amazing number of fossils were found by lots of different people.  The quarry is indeed a treasure trove.  Permission is needed from Scottish Natural Heritage to remove any fossils from the quarry and this had been granted to all of the participants on the day.  But all that is needed is to phone the Golspie office to ask.


A Ballet Class In Thurso

Wick School Kids Win Bicycles

Kirsty Farquhar of South School and Alan McGee of Hillhead School have both won bicycles for themselves and 250 for each of their schools by designing a Christmas Card with a road safety theme in a competition run by the Northern Constabulary's Dependants Trust. 


Thrumster Gala  

Family Fun Day Hillhead School, Wick  

Did you get your fortune told in the tea leaves?

Isla & Oliver Sutherland, Middleton Farm  

Miller Academy - York Trip

School Days
Hey kids can you find your mum or dad or even grandparents in the pictures we are now putting in school days.  If you know how to scan a picture you can get your class picture in the section.

Dunbeath School's A Fun Place

Dunbeath may only have 22 pupils but its great fun to be there.

Miller Academy Red Nose Day
Red Everything Day?

Hillhead School Red Nose Day

They raised over 500 for Comic Relief

Caithness & North Sutherland
Children's Choir
15 March
No pictures yet but we hope to have some later.  will you be in them.  If you would like to sing in a growing children's choir check out the page for contact details.

Alison Mackay Enjoying Another Day Off School 7 March

Alan McGee and Scott Gunn
4 March 2001
Pictures out in the snow.

Hillhead School Project
19 February 2001

An award winning project from Hillhead school on the pupils connections to the fishing industry both past and present.  The pictures are to be the subject of an exhibition in St. Fergus Gallery, Wick soon.  The school won the award from the History Channel.  Over the next week or two will publish some of the pictures.  The exhibition will have larger versions specially mounted in large frames and carry more information.

Hillhead School, Wick
16 February

Starting with a completely blank section for 2001.  this section is open to young people in Caithness to have their pictures put on line.  Why not send us a copy of your favourite.  It could be your pet dog, cat or other animal.  Or send us a snap of your funniest picture from your collection.  Does your school have a class photo or pictures from an outing. Get in touch and let us know what you would like to see.  If you have a scanner send in your pictures to or just get your parents to post them to Caithness Community Web Site, Community Education, Ackergill Street, Wick, KW1 4DT.

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