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Well Read At Highland Libraries

Bipolar Fellowship Scotland
MDF the Bipolar Organisation

Depression Alliance

Eating Disorders Association
Mental Health UK

Mental Welfare Associatation Scotland
Mindout for Mental Health
National Schizophrenia Fellowship (Scotland)
National Statistics

Scottish Development Centre for Mental Health
Scottish Association for Mental Health
SeeMe Scotland
The Royal College of Psychiatrists
Turning Point Scotland

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Combined Health Information Database

Guide to Medical Information/Support on Internet
This is a huge resource - Doctors Online, Medical Chats, Medical Links, Research Tips, FAQ's,
Announcements, Emailed updates, etc.....

Yahoo Health

Medicine - Virtual Library

Government Information

Review of The Mental Health (Scotland) Act 1984

Department of Health Website

Her Majesty's Stationery Office

CMHC Systems

Alzheimer Scotland
Alzheimer's Disease Society
Anna Freud Centre
Asylum Publications
Dementia Relief Trust
Dementia Research Group
Dementia Services Development Centre
Depression Alliance
Eating Disorders Association
First Steps to Freedom
Mental Health Foundation
Mental Health Matters
Obsessive Action
Picks Disease Support Group
Psychiatric Support and Aftercare Workshops
Revolving Doors Agency
UK Federation of Smaller Mental Health Agencies
Health on Britannica.com
BBC Health Site

Highland Health Board  
Growing Health information site.

Health Education Board for Scotland (HEBS)
Largest health information and advice web site in Scotland.  
Get information on heart disease, Cancer, Strokes, 
Oral Health, Accidents, Safety, Smoking, Diet, Physical Activity, 
Alcohol Misuse, Drug Misuse and much more.  Many links to other sites.

Hebs Clinic

Scottish Health on the Web

Attention Deficit Disorder
International Centre for the Study of 
Psychiatry and Psychology  www.breggin.com

Parents Against Ritalin www.p-a-r.org 
Grandparents and Parents Against Ritalin

Depression Alliance

National Schizophrenia Fellowship Scotland
National Schizophrenia Fellowship


Intimacy & Depression

Mental Health
Mental Health Foundation
A Light in the Darkness A mental health support.
Psych Central
Living With Suicide Not for children.

SHOW - Scotland's Health On The Web

Mental Health Booklets
Know Your Rights -
A series of nine booklets published by the Scottish Association for Mental Health.
Web Site to be available end March 2000  
Covering: Your Right To - 
Accept or Refuse Medical Treatment
An A to Z of Hospital Patients Rights
Detention in Hospital
Getting to See Your Medical Records and Social Work Records
Help for Families and Carers
The Police and the Courts
Free to people who use mental health services and their families or friends.
Contact SAMH 0141 568 7000
The Samaritans Individual support but now much more 
such as coping with exam stress

Seasonal Affective Disorder

Adults with Incapacity (Scotland) Act 2000
Mental Health Tribunal for Scotland
Scottish Executive Web Site - Mental Health Law

Look Up Meanings Etc
List of Medical Dictionaries
Medical Encyclopaedias
Medical & Technical Glossary

Mental Health Terms Glossary

See Also
Health Support Groups
In Caithness - Highland where no local group.
Alternative Therapies
Community Care Links 
Complementary Medicine
Disability Information

Health Education & Tutorials
Herbal Remedies

Menstrual Cycle Calculator - FREE

Health Shopping

Reference Section for Dictionaries, Encyclopeadias and more.

Psychology Links

See Me - A Scottish Mental Health Portal
'see me' is a high profile campaign to end to stigma and discrimination against mental ill health. However, there are organisations and groups working nationwide to improve public understanding of the issues involved. If you want to find out more, this page provides links to some really useful websites packed with information on mental health and associated issues.

The mental health and learning disabilities portal. That's what it claims... Connects is a worldwide, interactive, personalised forum for the sharing of information by people whose lives are touched by mental health problems and/or learning disabilities.

Millan Committee
New Directions - Review of the Mental Health (Scotland)Act 1984 -
Published January 2001

Mind - The mental health charity.

Depression Alliance Scotland
has produced two new information booklets entitled -
"Depression During Pregnancy"
"Together We'll Beat The Blues"
Information pack also available -
"The Young Person's Guide To Stress"
Tel 0131 467 3050


For Caithness Health Support Groups go to
Health & Welfare

The National Health Service  NHS Direct
24 hour Online support -

Positive Mental Health
Centre for the Economics of Mental Health
Computers in Mental Health
Edinburgh Community Trust
European Federation of Associations for Families of Mentally ill People
Framework for Mental Health Services in Scotland
Framework for Mental Health in Lanarkshire User and Carer Involvement Team
Glasgow Association for Mental Health
Institute of Mental Health Law
Institute of Psychiatry
Internet Mental Health
 - international information on mental health, disorders, diagnosis, medication, and links to other sites.

IRISS Project for Students and Mental Health

Mental Health Foundation  
- includes information on research and publications.

Mental Health in the UK - a site with information for people with mental health problems.

Mental Health Net  - a mental health directory.
Mental Health Network
 - 'the global meeting place for the mental health community', run by the World Federation for Mental Health.

Mental Health Resources - a site with lots of links.

Millan Committee  - the committee reviewing the Mental Health (Scotland) Act 1984.

MIND  - the mental health charity.

Mindset - the pilot web-site of a project which aims to provide users and carers and local mental health charities with Internet and IT training, with a view to the development of local mental health web-sites. The project is seeking funding.

National Mental Health Strategy of Australia
National Schizophrenia Fellowship (Scotland)
National Schizophrenia Fellowship
New Horizons Borders
Penumbra - provides a range of mental health projects across Scotland.

Perth Association of Mental Health
Psychiatry On-Line - the International Forum for Psychiatry.
Royal College of Psychiatrists
Sainsbury Centre for Mental Health
Scottish Development Centre for Mental Health
Social Firms UK 
Suicide Information and Education Centre
UK Psychiatric Pharmacy Group
World Federation for Mental Health
Young Minds - the children's mental health charity.

Evidence-Based Mental Health
Centre for Evidence-Based Mental Health  
- at the Department of Psychiatry, University of Oxford.
Cochrane Library -
 reviews and meta-analyses of research literature.
Health Evidence Bulletins Wales
 - signposts to current best evidence (including mental health).
NHS Centre for Reviews and Dissemination, University of York
 - reviews on the effectiveness of treatments and the delivery and organisation of health care.
School of Health and Related Research, University of Sheffield
 - includes 'Netting the Evidence', a links page to evidence-based medicine on the internet.
TRIP (Turning Research into Practice)
- provides links to other evidence-based health web-sites.
British Library
 - unified access to the catalogues of some of the largest university research libraries in the UK and Ireland.

National Library of Scotland
OMNI - Organising Medical Networked Information
Online Dictionary of Mental Health
Scottish Academic Libraries Serials Index  - provides information on availability of  periodicals in Scottish libraries
Psychology - Virtual Library
Psychweb    Psychology Resources

Women's Issues and Mental Health

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