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Children's Sleep Guide

Music Therapy and the Power of Music: Freudian Slip
Examines the power of using popular music, something people already listen to, as a way for people to express their feelings. Includes examples of therapeutic messages in popular music as well as original music by Freudian Slip, therapeutic rock band.

Have you seen all those nappies going to landfill? And are disposables really so comfortable. 
Well you can get comfortable cloth nappies delivered from Ella's House right here in Caithness.

Full Time Mothers

National Childbirth Trust

National Child Birth Trust Maternity Sales

Association for Post Natal Illness

Fathers Direct

Parent Zone
a selection of information for parents, guardians, carers and others responsible for school age children.

Bullying Online

National Childbirth Trust

Cuddle Babes
Go here for everything you want to know about nappies in the UK (diapers to our (American cousins).  Tells you cost of different kinds, washing , disposal and just about every detail they could think of.

One Parent Families Scotland
Helpline 0800 018 5026 for a range of leaflets and advice

Parenting Q & A

Jane's Breastfeeding and Childbirth Resources

All for UK Mums and UK Dads ezine

Common Sense Parenting

Stork Net

UK Mums
For anyone starting a family or with young children
Parent Soup
Parent's Place
Baby Center
Web Baby

Pregnancy and Parenting Reference Information

Baby Names - Over 4000 names and meanings

The Babies Planet

Breastfeeding.com   Colurful and humerous with a serious point.

Your Pregnancy - from the Mayo Clinic

Parents Place

Family Play.com -
Hundreds of Activities for You and Your Children

Parenthood Web

National Family & Parenting Institute

Baby Blues

Baby Name Finder

Publications for Parents

UK Parents

For 250 kids products


BBC Parenting

Baby World

Right Baby - How to make sure of the sex of your baby

National Parenting Center - USA

Parent Time - USA

Centre for Reproductive Medicine

Fertility Treatment Maze

Women's Health

First 9 Months

DNA Now - Paternity Tests by Post. -
Costs 195 as at 23 September 2000

Family Web Rings

Parents & Children Online

Learning Direct
National Helpline. Free, confidential, independent Advice. Education and training courses 
which have creche places. Information on funding grants and trusts.
Tel: 0800 100 900

Adoption advice www.adoption-net.co.uk
Adoption group - www.talkadoption.org.uk
All that Women Want - www.allthatwomenwant.com
Asian Parents Group - www.akhtar.cwc.net
Baby Registry - www.thebabyregistry.co.uk
British Agencies for Adoption and Fostering www.baaf.org.uk
Childcare Resources - www.childcareresources.co.uk
Child Support Agency - www.csa.gov.uk
Church Schools www.churchschools.co.uk
Compassionate Friends for bereaved parents - www.compassionatefriends.org
Council for Disabled Children - www.ncb.org.uk
Daycare trust - www.daycaretrust.org.uk/
Drugscope - www.drugscope.org.uk
Families Magazine www.familiesmagazine.co.uk
Families Need Fathers www.fnf.org.uk/
Fostering group - www.fostering.org.uk
Gingerbread - www.gingerbread.org.uk
Good Schools Guide -www.goodschoolsguide.co.uk
National Council for One Parent Families www.oneparentfamilies.org.uk
Nurseries www.uknurseries.com
Parents - www.e-parents.org
Story Spinner - www.storyspinner.co.uk
Trust for the Study of Adolescence - www.tsa.uk.com

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