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We all come across good tips and advice and tell friends and relatives whenever it happens to be relevant.  But now you can pass on tips and advice by sending them to Caithness.org.  If you think you have a source of advice or information that would be of use to people in Caithness or even further afield and it is freely available on the Internet or by a Freephone or standard rate telephone call then let us know and we will include it on this page.

Save Energy
This site lists energy efficiency grants and discount schemes available throughout the UK.  Or you can phone Energy Efficiency Advice Centre (Freephone 0800 512 012) or the Energy Efficiency hotline 0845 727 7200 who will search for you.

Did you know that most sports groups in Caithness can qualify for a grant for travel and certain items of equipment.  If you have never applied check it out at Caithness Sports Council

From the Guardian Newspaper Sat 27 Jan 2001
Remortgage To Save a Fortune
You could be handing over 50, 100 or even 200 a month needlessly to your home loan company.  but don't expect your lender to tell you.
Checking out remortgaging - ditching your present lender and switching to a new mortgage firm could be the answer..  It's easy.  and now the first step is even simpler.
The Guardian has published a new 36 page Guide To Re-mortgaging Your Home in association with broker London & Country Mortgages.  Its full of practical advice to help you make up your mind on the best way forward.
The guide is FREE - call 0800 694 6444 for a copy.  But it could save you a fortune.

Tax Tip
Did you know that if you are self employed or assessed under self-assessment you can make your tax returns electronically and have a 10 deduction from your bill.  Its easy once you get it set up but the Inland Revenue provide FREE software.  Click Here to check it out.

28 January 2001
Japanese Prisoners of War
Do you know someone who was a prisoner in a Japanese prisoner of war camp.  The UK government recently announced payments of 10,000 ex-gratia payments to survivors.  To find out more about it and how to claim - 
Claims for an ex-gratia payment should be made to the War Pensions Agency (an executive agency of the Department of Social Security) at Norcross, Blackpool, FY5 3WP. Telephone: Freeline (UK only) 0800 169 2277; Overseas + 44 1 253 866043. Internet address, 

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