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Politics In the UK



Links & Information

For information about Caithness and Highland politicians

Scottish Parliament - has live web casts at certain times

The Public Whip
Allows you to see how MP's have voted on different bills etc
Voting Record for
John Thurso, MP for Caithness Sutherland and Easter Ross

They Work For You

Fax Your MP

An Introduction to Parliament - Westminster

Parliament - Westminster

Charter 88
Looking at the British constitution and the need for reform.  
Started in 1988 and claims 83,000 signatories now.

10 Downing Street

Caithness & Highland Political Information

Sally Keeble MP Northampton North
Austin Mitchell MP
Chris Smith MP
Fiona Jones MP Newark
Colin Breed MP SE Cornwall

Margaret Moran - Labour MP Luton South

Westminster Watch

Contact you MP by Fax at
Fax Your MP

If you are not sure of your constituency or MP then try
Locate Your MP

All sorts of listings and links to political and government web sites

Countryside Party



It is an A to Z list. 
 Any name changes by parties to get to the top may result in a new layout. 
We know there are more and we will add them when we find them.

Almanac of Politics & Government

Scottish Policy

Political information
A search engine for finding policy information linking to over 2000 political web sites.

Political Database of the Americas 
In English, French, Spanish & Potuguese

Amnesty  On human rights worldwide.

McSpotlight  About McDonalds Attitudes and the McLibel Trial 

The Constitution Society

Socailist Workers Party

Anti Nazi League

For more political information try our 
Newspaper Links
Broadcasters Links
Human Rights

See Also

The Political Compass
A bit of fun or serious depending on your point of view.  Are you left or right and do your views match your own thoughts of your political leanings.  Take a test and see what they say about you.  the questions may be a bit rigid so you may not exactly agrees with the way the questions are phrased.  It still makes you think about where you stand

UK Political News 

Women And Politics
Gender and Constitutional Change    Links At G &CC

300 Group
Fawcett Society     Links At Fawcett
Centre for Advancement Of Women In Politics    Links
Women's National Commission

Is It Fair -
campaign for reform of the council tax

Hutton Inquiry

Guardian Military