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Caithness Churches & Places of Worship

Caithness Catholic Churches Web Site

St Annes & St Joachims -  Catholic  - Caithness
The main Mass services are at 1830 hrs on Saturdays and 0900 hrs on Sundays in St. Anne's; 1100 hrs on Sundays in St. Joachim's.  Mass is also celebrated in Tongue once a month.

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Appointment of Arch Bishop Conti - BBC
Appointment of Arch Bishop Conti - Scotland
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Holy Family, Aberdeen
St Mary's Cathedral, Aberdeen
Our Lady & St Bean, Marydale
St Lawrence's, Dingwall
St Columba, Banchory
St Mary's, Blairs
St Columba, Culloden
St Joachim's & St Anne's, Thurso
Our Lady's, Portree
Catholic Church in the Western Isles
St Andrew's, Cathedral
Our Lady of Sorrows, Dundee
St Brides, Monifieth
St Joseph's, Dundee
St Matthew's, Dundee
St Anne's, Carnoustie
St Columba's, Cupar
St James', Kinross
St John's, Perth
Our Lady's, Darvel
St Cuthbert's, Maybole
St Sophia, Galston
St Mary's, Irvine
St Brigid's, Kilbirnie
Holy Trinity, Lockerbie
St Luke's, Moffat
St John's, Stevenston
Our Lady's, Denniston
St Alphonsus
St Peter's, Partick
St Athanasius, Carluke
Holy Trinty, Coatdyke
Our Lady of Lourdes, East Kilbride
St Ninian's, Hamilton
St John Ogilvie, High Blantyre
Holy Family, Mossend
St Bridget's, Newmain
St Patrick's, Shotts
St Patrick's, Strathaven
St. Colm's Kilmacolm
St Patrick's, Greenock
Sacred Heart, Edinburgh
St Margaret's, Dunfermline
Christ the King, Grangemouth
Sacred Heart, Grangemouth
St Margaret's, South Queensferry
St Margaret's, Stirling
St Michael's. Linlithgow
St Mary's Cathedral, Edinburgh
St Mary's, Bathgate
St Francis Xavier's, Falkirk

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Resources for Catholic Educators - This is a massive resource Lesson Plans, ClipArt,Worksheets,               
Worksheets and links to many more.

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Early Church Fathers - 37 volumes - free to download -First 800 years of the church.

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Here you will find further links to United Methodist and evangelical web sites

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