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10 November 03
New Service to Help UK Universities and Businesses Access EU Research and Development Cash
A new Government initiative, FP6UK, was launched today to help UK organisations benefit from European Union funding for research and development projects.
The Framework Programme is the EU’s main way of providing funding for collaborative research and innovation.  It aims to strengthen European research and technological capability and encourage Europe’s international competitiveness.  It is open to all types of organisations in the EU, as well as a number of non-EU countries. 
The current Framework Programme, called FP6, has an overall budget of €17.5 billion and will run until the end of 2006. The Government, recognising the vital importance of this research to the UK economy, has long provided a wide range of expert help and support to UK organisations seeking funding under the many areas of Framework Programmes through its network of National Contact Points (NCPs).
The launch of FP6UK will make it easier for UK organisations to become aware of the opportunities offered by FP6 and will, for the first time, enable them to access this wide range of NCP experts through a single, centralised information and promotion service.
Lord Sainsbury, Minister for Science and Innovation, said:
"Research and development is essential to the health and wealth of the UK. The EU funding is a vital resource for universities and businesses. Our new service will provide seamless support for applicants from their initial enquiry through to, hopefully successful, final awards.“
FP6UK can be contacted online at http://fp6uk.ost.gov.uk or through a central telephone support number, 0870 600 6080, which can answer all general enquiries about FP6 as well as point callers directly to the relevant NCPs covering their specific area of interests.