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Clan Sinclair Study Centre In Caithness
The Study Centre was established in 1998 in the former Nosshead Lighthouse Estate. This site adjoins Sinclair and Girnigoe Castles and can be clearly seen at the end of the road. Clan archivist,  Ian Sinclair acquired and established the Study Centre to provide a resource for historians and genealogists. The location of Clan Sinclair's library within the Centre incorporates a number of exceptional and invaluable historical texts.  The centre also has comfortable accommodation for up to six people.

Chief of Clan Sinclair, Malcolm Sinclair - Biography

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1 August 2009
Jacobites and Redcoats At Noss Near Castle Girnigoe

1 August 2009
Charge Of the Highlanders At Noss Head - Re-enactment

A very successful and enjoyable International Gathering of nearly two hundred Sinclairs from Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Norway, the United States of America and the United Kingdom has recently ended. After three days in Orkney visiting sites there they spent a week in Caithness with a varied programme of activities and attractions to see. Their itinerary included a wildlife cruise to Stroma and Duncansby Stacks after which they had lunch at and toured the Castle and Gardens of Mey. An afternoon was spent in Wick where the Heritage Centre and the Isabella Fortuna were visited before the Clan Meeting was held. A number of councillors from Caithness attended and Cllr. Alastair MacDonald gave a speech of welcome on behalf of the Council. This was followed by a ceilidh with the Gordon Gunn Band and Isla St Clair. Elise Lyall’s dancers performed, the drums of the Wick Royal British Legion Pipe Band joined with the Clan Sinclair Pipe Band, who played regularly throughout the Gathering, to entertain everyone. The night was completed by a fireworks display with a pipes and drums backing at Castle Sinclair Girnigoe. They returned there the next day to see the progress with the preservation works and to commemorate the occasion the Sinclair Banner was unfurled and flew, for the first time for 350 years, over the Castle. There was also a family fun day at Noss Head including a mini Highland Games. The next day Caithness Archaeological Trust organised an excellent range of visits to Dunbeath Broch and Harbour, Laidhay, Camster Cairns, Achavanich stone circle and the chambered cairn project at Spital quarry. On Saturday they all marched onto the field at the Halkirk Games and spent the day there. The following and final day there was a clan service in West Church, Thurso and in the evening a farewell dinner followed by dancing to the Addie Harper Scottish Dance Band. Everyone then returned to the far corners of the world, tired but very happy, and commenting on the friendship and welcome they had received from everyone in the County.

19 July 05
On the morning of Friday 22nd July about 150 Sinclairs from Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Norway, the United Kingdom and the United States of America will gather in Inverness for the start of the 2005 international Clan Gathering. They will go straight to Orkney for the weekend and visits to a number of sites have been arranged. They will also attend Sunday Service at St Magnus Cathedral. On Monday 25th they will return to Caithness for a busy week and meet up with members of the Clan Sinclair Association of Caithness, who have organised the event, and others. During this time they will go on a boat trip from John O’Groats, tour the Castle and Gardens of Mey, visit the archaeological and preservation works being undertaken at Castle Sinclair Girnigoe, and have their own highland games before attending the one at Halkirk. Caithness Archaeological Trust has also arranged a day’s visit to the cream of the ancient sites in the County. On their last day there will be a Clan Church Service in Thurso and at the farewell dinner, at which nearly 200 will attend, the toast to the Clan will be proposed by Iain Gunn, Caenn Cath of Clan Gunn.

22 August 04
Malcolm Sinclair Earl Of Caithness Cut The First Turf In Major Excavation And Restoration Works
the Earl of Caithness, Malcolm Sinclair has cut the first turf a few days ago in what will be extensive archaeology and restoration works.  A team from York university is now on site to begin the work.  The current phase of the work will cost £400,000 and is being funded through the world Monuments Fund, the Caithness area of Highland Council, CASE, Historic Scotland and donors to the clan Sinclair Trust.  the castle is likely to become a major tourist attraction and will be one of the few to have disabled access built in to the castle when it eventually opens to the public once again.

15 July 04
The Clan Sinclair
At The Grand-father Mountain Games North Carolina
f you want to take a look at the Grandfather Mountain  Highland Games in North Carolina just past hop over to Mel Sinclair's web site to see lots of photographs of the events and gatherings.  Malcolm Sinclair chief of the clan features in several pictures.  Mel Sinclair's site is also listed in our Sinclair Connections links list if you want to find it at a later date.

5 October 03
At Caithness Heritage Fair - Wick
The Earl of Caithness and his son Lord Berriedale were at the heritage fair for the two days letting visitors know about the current stage in the developments of Clan Sinclair Trust and the restoration work which will begin in the near future on Castle Sinclair Girnigoe.  Major works are expected to take at least five years and the addition of a causeway using material from the inside of the castle will make it possible in future for disabled people to get inside part of the castle.  When work begins next year access will be denied but display boards will explain what is happening from a viewpoint nearby.

13 May 03
Arthur St Clair - 9th President Of The United States
Born in Thurso, Caithness, 23 March 1734 -  died in Greensburg, Pennsylvania, 31 August 1818.

24 April 03
Another Sinclair Family Web Site
This site based in France has many names being added and has quite a few links back to Caithness.  the site is in French and English.

25 March 03
Tartan Day Web Site Highlights Henry Sinclair
Tartan Day 6 April 2003 
One of the stories being highlighted on the Tartan Day web site is the story of Henry Sinclair and his voyage to America.  Predating Columbus takes nothing away from that voyagers trip but may explain many of the findings in both Scotland and the USA.  The evidence  has been argued over for years and no doubt will continue to be but nevertheless it opens up some fascinating possibilities about the connections between the two countries.

26 August 2002
Pillarguri Festival, which remembers the Colonel George Sinclair of Stirkoke and his Caithness Scots Adventure in Norway in 1612.  A selection of photos on the Sinclair's Club web site,  www.sinclairsclub.net

Sinclair Gathering May 2002

Statue Unveiled 30 May 2002
A Sinclair gathering today saw the statue of Prince Henry St Clair unveiled.  Sculptor Shawn Williams and his apprentice were present for the ceremony attended by the Earl of Caithness, Lord Berriedale and a party of Sinclairs spending a few days in Caithness as part of a mini gathering.


Statue Of Henry Sinclair Arrives At Noss 10 May 2002
A momentous day as the large figure of Henry Sinclair arrives at Noss.  The sculpture will be finished on the site.


Clan Sinclair Canada - New Web Site 16 March
William (Bill) Sinclair, President of the Clan Sinclair Canada is pleased to announce the launch of the Association's own web site at www.clansinclaircanada.ca at 1500 GMT/1000 hrs EST Ontario today.  This is a dynamic project and will therefore move and change as it develops.  This is a site for our Members, Clansfolk, friends and many supporters and so welcome suggestions and contributions to the areas it addresses, and particularly photographs and accounts of Clan functions.  Please browse and enjoy!

Area Plan of Sinclair & Girnigoe Castles 4 December 2001
Robert Richmond has begun to produce area maps of the castles and this one of Sinclair & Girnigoe helps to make it much easier to make out how the castles lie on the cliffs.

22 November 2001
From Donald Sinclair, Indianapolis USA
In my research of the Sinclair family I recently travelled to Rhode Island. The building shown is known in Newport Rhode Island as the Old Mill, or the Newport Tower.  Dating of the mortar and the design of the building is similar to one in Orkney when Henry Sinclair was Jarl. The measurements of the building are based on the Scottish Ell Stick. Although there are many thoughts about who built it, most believe it was the expedition of Henry Sinclair in the 1398 voyage to America.

The following are snippets from pages 144-147 of Andrew Sinclair's book "The Sword and the Grail" available for purchase at Noss Head Light -

Newport Tower,Rhode Island, USA

The Newport Tower is constructed as the Templar round churches with an octagon within the circle, eight arches within a round circle. Round churches are rare. The only one in Scotland is in Orhpir Orkney. The surviving arch of that church is constructed of the same fashion at the Newport Tower. The diameter of each column of the tower is exactly one Scottish Ell. The diameter of the circle surrounded by the columns is exactly six Scottish Ells. The Newport Tower resembles not only Templar architecture, but Scottish architecture of the period (1398). In the tower lies a high fireplace identical to one in Corstorphine at the St. Clair church where, Jean, daughter of Prince Henry Sinclair is buried in effigy.

Later European explorers are said to encounter natives of the Rhode Island area with whiter skin than the mostly bronze skinned people. They also found natives with green eyes and red hair. All seemingly Norse or Scots traits.

16 November 2001
Sinclair Study Centre To House Copy Of Domesday Book
A copy of the famous Domesday book has been purchased and is to be kept at the Sinclair Study Centre at Noss Head.  The book was purchased by Niven Sinclair for £7000 and will shortly join over 2000 books as the centre builds its library to enhance the study facilties.  Books have come from America, France and throughout the UK.  the centre has books on Shetland, Orkney and other places as well as Caithness.  They cover a range of topics including the vikings, Scotland, masonic history and knights templar.

16 November 2001
Statue Of Prince Henry Sinclair
Prince Henry Sinclair will become well known once a nine foot statue of him arrives in the county by Christmas.  The statue will be completed when it is set in its position in a small garden of remembrance at Noss Head.

19 October 2001
World Heritage Status for Sinclair and Girnigoe Castles has been announced in New York. 
The castles have been placed on the list of only 100 sites in the world as most endangered sites of international significance.  They are to be included in the World Monuments Fund list next yearThe Earl of Caithness Malcolm Sinclair was in America for the news.... More

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