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Newport Tower, Rhode Island, USA

Picture - Donald Sinclair, Indianapolis USA

The Newport Tower is constructed as the Templar round churches with an octagon within the circle, eight arches within a round circle. Round churches are rare. The only one in Scotland is in Orhpir Orkney. The surviving arch of that church is constructed of the same fashion at the Newport Tower. The diameter of each column of the tower is exactly one Scottish Ell. The diameter of the circle surrounded by the columns is exactly six Scottish Ells. The Newport Tower resembles not only Templar architecture, but Scottish architecture of the period (1398). In the tower lies a high fireplace identical to one in Corstorphine at the St. Clair church where, Jean, daughter of Prince Henry Sinclair is buried in effigy.
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A summary of the Journal of the Newport Historical Society, Vol 68, Part 2, 1997: The History and Mystery of the Old Stone Mill