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Google Watch
Should we be worried about Google.  This site will make you think

Women Of the Special Operations Executive (SOE)
A growing site with information, pictures and new links being added.
Well worth a look.

Women Who Were Spies

Special Operations Executive

Email Spy Is Coming

Intelligence & Counter Intelligence
A huge list of links

Surveillance Links

Find out what your browser tells other people about you at -
University of York Survey

If you want to surf the net without leaving a trail go to -

Freedom Internet Privacy Protection System

Junkbusters for free tools to stop data collection about you on the net and limit advertising material.

Are you being watched by employers?  Channel 4 has produced a booklet from its Snoopers at Work programme to tell you what you can do if you are being watched by cameras, keystrokes on your PC, bugs and other devices.  copies 1 from channel 4 Tel 0171 396 4444

Watch the Watchers
The site tracking the Number 10 site - lots of interesting stuff - who posts the most comments and copies of all the stuff removed from the site at Number 10

Want to share information and avoid spam, get another email etc then go to Mailshell

Privacy Net


Sam Spade

Code Translators
Cryptogram | Morse Code

If you want to learn more about the technical details behind cookies,
or delve further into the privacy and security issues, visit these
sites on the web:
Netscape's Cookie Specs

Cookie Central

Electronic Privacy Information Center

British Intelligence
MI5  - The Security Service
Security & Intelligence Studies Group - UK
National Intelligence Machinery - Report in PDF Format

From National Intelligence Machinery -
Crown Copyright

Security Service
The security service is also known as MI5 and started in 1909 as part of the Secret Service burea under the command of Captain Vernon Kell. whose main job was countering German espionage.
the service operates under the control of the Home Secretary.  the role of the service covers terrorism, espionage, and the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction.  In 1996 the Security Service Act expanded the agencies role to support law enforcement in areas of serious crime.

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Information Advisory Assurance Council