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WINWAP WAP BROWSER 2.3   WIN95/98/2K/NT  1.77MB.  (Time Limited). The world's first Wap browser for your Windows desktop. If you intend to add functionality to your Web site, you will love this program. It allows you to preview Wap pages from your desktop rather than having to upload the files first and then check them using a Wap-enabled mobile phone. It includes a handy feature which lets you change the viewing size of the browser to emulate the screen size of the most popular Wap phones (Nokia 7110, Ericsson R320, Ericsson MC218 and Motorola Timeport). This gives you an accurate representation of how the pages will look when uploaded. If your interested in Wap, this is a must-have. For more information. or to download, please follow this link: