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Floodline Scotland - Tel - 0845 9881188
SEPA Flooding

0845 600 8855 - Emergencies
0845 601 8855 - Households
0845 602 8855 - Businesses

01786 430200 - Complaints

Paying for Water Services 2006 - 2010
Consultation -
Ministers will decide in January 2005
The water industry in the UK has been undergoing huge changes and more are to come as regulation in the treatment of sewerage and standards for water quality are increased by the European Union.  The impacts and replies to consultation can be found on many web sites.  Here are just a few that might be of interest in this connection -
Water Panels - the Water Panels full response to the consultation in on the web site along with reports on "Affordability of Water and Sewerage charges For Low Income Households".  and "Principles of charging fopr Water and Wastewater" are also on the Panels' web site.
Water Industry Commissioner For Scotland
Main role is to promote the interests of customers of Scottish Water.
Drinking Water Quality Regulator
The main purpose of this body is to protect public health and provide an independent check on Scottish Water ensuring it complies with the drinking water quality regulations.
Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA)
Responsible for a range of activities including regulating discharges to rivers, lochs, estuaries and coastal water from industry sewage work, fish farms, septic tanks etc.  controlling pollution from waste management activities, regulating landfill sites and has duties for protecting and improving the water environment under the Water Environment and Water Services Act.
Health and Safety Executive
Responsible for the regulation of almost all risks arsing from work activities.  Protection of workers and the public is its primary role.
Scottish Water
Responsible for providing all services on the public water and sewerage networks.
Scottish Parliament
Scottish Water is accountable to Scottish Ministers and through them to the Scottish Parliament
Scottish Executive
Through the Scottish Executive the Minister for Environment and Rural Affairs is responsible for water in Scotland.  the Minister sets the policy objectives to be delivered by Scottish Water.

Water Customer
You can use the site to express your views and concerns as a customer of Scottish Water, and to gather information about Scotland's water.

Scottish Water

Water Industry Commissioner For Scotland

Water Customer Panels

Scottish Water
Emergency Helpline 0845 600 8855
Customer Helpline 0845 601 8855
Billing Helpline (Business) 0845 602 8855
Dunfermline H.O. 01383 848200
Glasgow 0808 100 5333
Edinburgh 0131 445 4141
Inverness 01463 245 400

Scottish Environment Protection Agency
North Area 01224 248338
East Area 0131 449 7296
West Area 01355 574200
Corporate H.O 01786 457700

Drinking Water Quality Regulator
0131 244 0186]

Water Customer Consultations Panels
0845  850 3344

Water Industry Commissioner
01786 430200
Complaints 0845 7413132

Water FAQ At Lennntech

Other educational water pages from Lenntech students use most:
http://www.lenntech.com/water-treatment-decision-path.htm which leads to tutorial type decision points such as:

Water Exchange Links to many water sites

Water Exchange - Trading water assets

Key Facts on Scottish Water

Water Watch Links

Ofwat (Office of Water Regulation) - responsible for making sure that the water and sewerage companies give good-quality and efficient service at a fair price

Environment Agency - responsible for protecting and improving the environment. Plays a central role in putting the Government's environmental policies into practice. Monitors, protects and improves the quality of rivers, estuaries and coastal waters controlling over 100,000 water discharge consents (these are licences which set out the conditions under which organisations can pump treated sewage or trade waste into water). Plays a role in saving, redistributing and enlarging surface and groundwater supplies. Encourage water conservation and promote transfer schemes. Issues licences for organisations to take water from rivers and boreholes

Department of the Environment, Transport and the Regions (DETR) - responsible for the legal structure of the water industry and how it is regulated. Also responsible for developing and putting into practice EC Directives affecting the water industry and the water environment generally

DETR Water Quality Division

Drinking Water Inspectorate - responsible for checking that water companies keep to their legal duty to supply wholesome water

Competition Commission - has taken on the former Monopolies and Mergers Commission role of carrying out inquiries into matters referred to it by the other UK competition authorities concerning monopolies, mergers and the economic regulation of utility companies.

Environment Agency Wales

Water Industry Commissioner for Scotland

Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA)

Northern Ireland executive - Department of the Environment

Water Quality in the European Union

European Environment Agency - water


International Water Association

World Water Council (International Water Policy Think Tank)


International Rivers Network


Water Supply and Sanitation Collaborative Council

IRC International Water and Sanitation Centre

American Water Works Association (including links to water utilities worldwide)

Water Wiser - Water/Conservation Links

UNESCO Water Portal

Potentially Unsustainable Agricultural Irrigation

 World Water Day 22 March Each Year

Population Using Improved Water Drinking Sources

Population Using Improved Sanitation

Water news