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Caithness has a Writers Group

We Book
WEbook - a ground-breaking online resource for aspiring authors, which lets you take charge of your own destiny.

Daily Writing Tips

Fiction Writing

Technical Writing

Resources For Writers & Writing Instructors - Lots of links here

Onelist - discussion forum.

Manistee - Leads to Writing Workshop

Pure Fiction

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Pleasure Dome
    Writers Club 

Pure Fiction To help you find a publisher

Authors Den
Where authors and readers come together.
Discover and meet thousands of authors and readers around the world.

UK Media Directory 
Radio, TV, Magazine -Students etc

Writers Net

UVic - Writers Guide -A - Z

On-line Writery

Television Production

Guide to Writing a Basic Essay

UVic - The Essay

Style Summary Site

Elements of Style

Web of Online Dictionaries
Over 1000 dictionaries, grammars in 190 languages.

Roget’s Thesaurus

Concordances of Great Books
Searchable indexes of classics

Electronic Catalogues of the British Library
consulted by title, author, publisher, date or keyword

The Official Miscellaneous Writing home – everything for writers

Andromeda Rutgers
Literary Resources

Principles of English Usage in the Digital Age

Literature Unbound
Guide to web sites on traditional and web based literature

Online Publishing
Philip and Alex’s Guide to Web Publishing

Yahoo Links to Web Published Fiction

New Media Fiction
Hypertext narratives, online serials, interactive dramas and animated comics.

Online Writing Community – Creative Projects and Critical Feedback

Online Originals
London Based Online Publisher

Eastgate Systems
Hypertext Fiction & Non Fiction

Classic & Contemporary fiction & Non-fiction

Murder Makes The Magazine
Collaborative Novel started & ended by John Updike and 44 others between.

New Media Fiction
Hypertext Narratives, Online serials, Interactive Dramas and Animated comics


Atlantic Unbound
Web only mag – Reviews dating back to 1890’s

American extracts, interviews, reviews of big names and latest books

Book reviews, New Writing, Interviews

Technical Writing

Inkspot is an award-winning community and resource for writers of all ages and levels of experience, packed with useful tips, resources, and networking opportunities. We also have special sections for young writers and teachers.


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Women Writers Net
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