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Sutherland Biodiversity Plan


The Caithness Biodiversity Action Plan - February 2003
Caithness Biodiversity Objectives

Caithness Biodiversity Objectives

  • To ensure that all habitats are managed in a way that takes account of their wildlife interests.

  • To ensure that future development plans and proposals take account of local biodiversity.

  • To promote projects and initiatives that help maintain or restore biodiversity towards natural levels.

  • To develop quality education at all levels, to raise awareness of the biodiversity of Caithness amongst local people, visitors, funding organisations and policy makers.

  • To reduce perceived or real conflicts between biodiversity and people, by increasing community
    involvement and local action for biodiversity.

  • To improve access to information about important habitats and species, and their management
    requirements, and enable interested residents to improve their specialist knowledge and understanding.

  • To secure additional support for biodiversity and related projects, and help publicise existing sources of funding and advice.

  • To establish a mechanism to help individuals, community groups and partners deliver the Caithness
    Biodiversity Action Plan, monitor progress and share information on biodiversity matters.

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