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Caithness Draft Plan
The Caithness Biodiversity Group  -  October 2002

D) Caithness Biological Records (Source: Highland Biological Records Centre)
Order Common name
Anura Common Frog
Anura Common Toad
Araneae a lace-webbed spider
Artiodactyla Roe Deer
Asterales Oxeye Daisy
Carnivora Otter
Carnivora Pine Marten
Carnivora Stoat
Carnivora Weasel
Chiroptera Bats
Chiroptera Common Pipistrelle
Coleoptera Green Tiger Beetle
Gasteromycetes Stinkhorn
Hymenoptera a social bee
Hymenoptera Common Carder Bee
Hymenoptera Common Wasp
Hymenoptera Early Bumble Bee
Hymenoptera Great Yellow Bumble Bee
Hymenoptera Norwegian Wasp
Hymenoptera Red Wasp
Hymenoptera Small Garden Bumble Bee
Hymenoptera Tree Wasp
Hymenoptera White-tailed Bumble Bee
Insectivora Hedgehog
Insectivora Mole
Insectivora Water Shrew
Lagomorpha Brown Hare
Lagomorpha Rabbit
Lepidoptera a pyralid moth
Lepidoptera Angle Shades
Lepidoptera Antler
Lepidoptera Ash Pug
Lepidoptera Autumn Green Carpet
Lepidoptera Autumnal Rustic
Lepidoptera Barred Chestnut
Lepidoptera Barred Red
Lepidoptera Barred Straw
Lepidoptera Barred Yellow
Lepidoptera Beautiful Golden Y
Lepidoptera Black Rustic
Lepidoptera Brick
Lepidoptera Bright-line Brown-eyed
Lepidoptera Brimstone Moth
Lepidoptera Brindled Ochre
Lepidoptera Brown-line Bright Eye
Lepidoptera Burnished Brass
Lepidoptera Cabbage Moth
Lepidoptera Campion
Lepidoptera Chevron
Lepidoptera Clouded Drab
Lepidoptera Clouded Yellow
Lepidoptera Clouded-Bordered Bri
Lepidoptera Common Blue
Lepidoptera Common Carpet
Lepidoptera Common Marbled Carpet
Lepidoptera Common Pug
Lepidoptera Common Quaker
Lepidoptera Common Rustic
Lepidoptera Common Wave
Lepidoptera Convolvulus Hawk-moth
Order Common name
Lepidoptera Coxcomb Prominent
Lepidoptera Currant Pug
Lepidoptera Dark Arches
Lepidoptera Dark Brocade
Lepidoptera Dark Green Fritillary
Lepidoptera Dark Marbled Carpet
Lepidoptera Dark Sword-grass
Lepidoptera Diamond Backed Moth
Lepidoptera Dotted Border
Lepidoptera Dotted Clay
Lepidoptera Double Dart
Lepidoptera Dusky Brocade
Lepidoptera ear moth
Lepidoptera Early Thorn
Lepidoptera Flame Carpet
Lepidoptera Flame Shoulder
Lepidoptera Flounced Rustic
Lepidoptera Foxglove Pug
Lepidoptera Garden Carpet
Lepidoptera Garden Tiger
Lepidoptera Ghost Moth
Lepidoptera Gold Spangle
Lepidoptera Gold Spot
Lepidoptera Golden-rod Pug
Lepidoptera Gothic
Lepidoptera Green Carpet
Lepidoptera Green Pug
Lepidoptera Green-veined White
Lepidoptera Grey Chi
Lepidoptera Grey Mountain Moth
Lepidoptera Grey Pine Carpet
Lepidoptera Grey Pug
Lepidoptera Haworth's Minor
Lepidoptera Heath Rustic
Lepidoptera Hebrew Character
Lepidoptera Ingrailed Clay
Lepidoptera July Belle
Lepidoptera July Highflyer
Lepidoptera Larch Pug
Lepidoptera Large Ear
Lepidoptera Large Heath
Lepidoptera Large Wainscot
Lepidoptera Large White
Lepidoptera Large Yellow Underwing
Lepidoptera Lesser Broad Bordered
Lepidoptera Light Emerald
Lepidoptera Magpie Moth
Lepidoptera Map-winged Swift
Lepidoptera Marbled Coronet
Lepidoptera May Highflyer
Lepidoptera Meadow Brown
Lepidoptera Middle-barred Minor
Lepidoptera Mottled Grey
Lepidoptera Mottled Rustic
Lepidoptera Mottled Umber
Lepidoptera Narrow-winged Pug
Lepidoptera Northern Deep-brown
Lepidoptera Northern Spinach
Lepidoptera November Moth
Lepidoptera Oblique Carpet
Order Common name
Lepidoptera Painted Lady
Lepidoptera Pale Eggar
Lepidoptera Pale Mottled Willow
Lepidoptera Pale-shouldered Brocade
Lepidoptera Pine Beauty
Lepidoptera Pink-barred Sallow
Lepidoptera Poplar Hawk-moth
Lepidoptera Purple Bar
Lepidoptera Purple Emperor
Lepidoptera Red Admiral
Lepidoptera Red Carpet
Lepidoptera Red Chestnut
Lepidoptera Red Sword-grass
Lepidoptera Red-green Carpet
Lepidoptera Riband Wave
Lepidoptera Rosy Minor
Lepidoptera Rosy Rustic
Lepidoptera Ruddy Highflyer
Lepidoptera Rush Veneer
Lepidoptera Sallow
Lepidoptera Satyr Pug
Lepidoptera Scalloped Hazel
Lepidoptera Scalloped Oak
Lepidoptera Scarce Umber
Lepidoptera Setaceous Hebrew Character
Lepidoptera Shaded Broad-bar
Lepidoptera Shears
Lepidoptera Silver Y
Lepidoptera Silver-ground Carpet
Lepidoptera Six-spot Burnet
Lepidoptera Six-striped Rustic
Lepidoptera Slender-striped Rufo
Lepidoptera Small Angle Shades
Lepidoptera Small Autumnal Moth
Lepidoptera Small Blue
Order Common name
Lepidoptera Small Copper
Lepidoptera Small Dotted Buff
Lepidoptera Small Dusty Wave
Lepidoptera Small Fan-footed Wave
Lepidoptera Small Heath
Lepidoptera Small Pearl-bordered Fritillary
Lepidoptera Small Phoenix
Lepidoptera Small Rivulet
Lepidoptera Small Square-spot
Lepidoptera Small Tortoiseshell
Lepidoptera Small Wainscot
Lepidoptera Smoky Wainscot
Lepidoptera Smoky Wave
Lepidoptera Snout
Lepidoptera Spectacle
Lepidoptera Spruce Carpet
Lepidoptera Square-spot Rustic
Lepidoptera Streak
Lepidoptera Striped Twin-spot Carpet
Lepidoptera True Lover's Knot
Lepidoptera Twin-spot Carpet
Lepidoptera Water Carpet
Lepidoptera White Ermine
Lepidoptera Winter Moth
Lepidoptera Wood Tiger
Lepidoptera Wormwood Pug
Lepidoptera Yellow Shell
Odonata Common Hawker
Polygonales Japanese Knotweed
Rodentia Red Squirrel
Squamata Adder
Squamata Slow-worm
Squamata Viviparous Lizard
Urodela Palmate Newt


1. Habitats and Species Lists
A) Higher Plant Species of Note
B) Caithness Fungi Species
C) Freshwater Invertebrates of Caithness
2. Local contact details