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Caithness Draft Plan
The Caithness Biodiversity Group  -  October 2002

Caithness Fungi Species

(Source: David Savage)

Woodland fungi: Suillus flavidus

Strobilurus stephanocytis = Pseudohiatula stephanocytis

Skeletocutis amorphus

Wax-caps: Camarophyllus colemanniana (C)

Camarophyllus pratensis ssp. Pallida (W)

Camarophyllus flavipes (F)

Dermoloma cuneifolium (D)

Hygrocybe calyptriformis (the Pink Waxcap, on the provisional Red Data List) (P)

Hygrocybe nitrata (N)

Number of Leptonia species present (L)

Distinctive but very rare Leptonia- group species have been found:

Entoloma catalounicum at Dunnet Dunes ND 209704

Entoloma xanthochroum by Scrabster Lighthouse ND 107709

Wax-cap sites in Caithness: Location: Species:
  Dunnet (Greenland Links) C, 6L
  South Yarrows 7L
  The Knowes, Reay W, 2L
  Brawlbin 3L
  Westerdale Bridge P, D, 1L
  Crosskirk P, D, 0L
  Helshetter Strath N, F, 3L
  Dunbeath Strath P, 2L
  Latheronwheel Cliffs 4L
  Badlipster Hill 2L


1. Habitats and Species Lists
A) Higher Plant Species of Note
C) Freshwater Invertebrates of Caithness
D) Caithness Biological Records
2. Local contact details