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Caithness Draft Plan
Produced by The Highland Council on behalf of
The Caithness Biodiversity Group  -  October 2002 - Comments By 30 November 2002

This draft Biodiversity Action Plan has been produced from national guidance, local knowledge and comments from a workshop held in the Park Hotel last May. As you can see, it is still very much a draft document, providing introductory text on habitats and species and the associated issues, and suggesting a number of objectives and opportunities. Whilst a start has been made on the 'current biodiversity projects' and 'opportunities for action' sections, they are still rather light and we would particularly welcome your input and suggestions for projects to take forward in the next five to ten years.

Please keep your suggestions realistic, but don't confine your responses to what you think might be fundable within current budgets. The closing date for comments is Saturday 30 November 2002. Please send all comments to Paul Castle, c/o Caithness Ranger Service, Dunnet Pavilion, Dunnet, Caithness, e-mail capacastle@btopenworld.com.

After the consultation period, we will hold a meeting with representatives from the key agencies and groups that will be responsible for delivering the plan. This will help us fill in the blank sections, particularly in the section entitled 'What Happens Next?' and we hope to launch the final plan in February.

Janet Bromham
Highland Biodiversity Officer

Table of Contents


Introduction to the Area
Introduction to Biodiversity
Caithness Biodiversity Objectives

The Habitats

1. Sea & Coast

1.1 The sea
1.2 Beaches, dunes & machair
1.3 Coastal cliffs & heaths

2. River, Loch & Wetland

2.1 Rivers & Lochs
2.2 Wetlands

3. Farm & Croft Land

3.1 Rough grassland
3.2 Arable crops & field margins

4. Forest & Woodland

4.1 Birch woodland
4.2 Policy woodlands & plantations

5. Bog, Moor & Hill

5.1 Blanket bog
5.2 Heather moor
5.3 Hills

6. Town & Village

6.1 Parks & gardens
6.2 Roadside verges

What Happens Next?

Partner delivery plan
What you can do


1. Habitats and Species Lists
A) Higher Plant Species of Note
B) Caithness Fungi Species
C) Freshwater Invertebrates of Caithness
D) Caithness Biological Records
2. Local contact details

Caithness Habitat Map