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A Draft Framework for Biodiversity in Highland

Annex 1:
Priority and other species which are particularly appropriate for inclusion in Highland LBAPS.

This is very much an initial list which will need to be added to and refined at a local level. 

 Priority UK BAP species

Pseudocyphellaria norvegica a lichen

Collema dichotum river jelly lichen

Juniperus communis Juniper

Linnaea borealis twinflower

Melampyrum sylvaticum small cow-wheat

Salix lanata wooly willow

Saxifraga hirculus marsh saxifrage

Sprianthes romanzoffiana Irish lady’s tresses

Woodsia livensis oblong woodsia

Bombus distinguendus great yellow bumble bee

Formica spp wood ants

Aricia artaxerxes northern brown argus

Boloria euphrosyne pearl bordered fritillary

Carterocephalus palaemon chequered skipper

Eurodryas aurinia marsh fritillary

Epione paralellaria dark bordered beauty

Hemaris tityus narrow-bordered bee hawk moth

Noctua orbona lunar yellow underwing moth

Semiothisa carbonaria netted mountain moth

Coenagrion hastulatum northern damselfly

Margaritifera margaritifera fresh water pearl mussel

Arvicola terrestris water vole

Lepus europaeus brown hare

Lutra lutra otter

Pipistrellus pipistrellus pipistrelle bat

Sciurus vulgaris red squirrel

All marine mammals

Melanitta nigra common scoter

Tetrao tetrix black grouse

Tetrao urogallus capercaillie

Perdix perdix grey partridge

Crex crex corncrake

All priority farmland birds

Commercial marine fish

Deep water fish



 Other species

Cupido minimus small blue butterfly

Erynnis tages dingy skipper

Boloria selene Small pearl bordered fritillary

Kentish glory moth Endromis versicolora

Welsh clearwing moth Syanthedon scoliaeformis

Micromoth Leucoptera orobi

Goat moth Cossus cossus

All bat species

Wild cat

Mountain hare

Grey seal and common seal

Wild salmon (“keystone” species)

Sea trout (ditto)

Lamphreys (three species).

Kelp (keystone species)

Sawbill ducks

Black throated diver Gavia artica

Red throated diver Gavia stellata

Slavonian grebe

Red-breasted merganser Mergus serrator

Goosander Mergus merganser




Golden plover

Ring ousel

Yellow hammer


Red grouse

Tern species

Ptarmigan Lagopus mutus

Scottish primrose Primula scotica

Dwarf birch Betula nana