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Ken Butler has kindly agreed to send articles on a quarterly basis highlighting some of the  interesting plants that are flowering or are about to come into bloom in the following weeks or months.

The articles will be listed on this page for future reference.

An Alphabetical Listing of all the plants mentioned in Ken's articles has been started to help searches for particular plants as the series of articles is added to.

Ken Butler is the Botanical Recorder for Caithness - that is he holds and maintains all the information about wild plants and their distribution, on behalf of the Botanical Society of the British Isles.

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A county flower for Caithness by Ken Butler

Additions June 2004

Ken Butler's Plants Photogallery
Starting with June 2004 group we will gradually add all of the previous plants and flowers to this new gallery

Late Summer 2002 26 August 2002

Early Summer 2002 3 June 2002

Spring 2002
Wildflowers In The Spring
3 April 2002