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New To Astronomy? - Here Are Some Links To Sites For Beginners
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Astro Central Beginners Guide To Astronomy
Articles For Beginning Astronomy

Absolute Beginner's Astronomy Page   Richard Snow, Ontario, Canada
Advice for Beginners   Astronomy Connection
Amateur Astronomy Beginner's Help Topics
   Astronomy Homework Help
Astronomy Basics   Sky & Telescope
Astronomy Day:
     Astronomical League Astronomy Day
     NASA/GSFC Sun-Earth Connection Education Forum 
Astronomy Education Links   Sky & Telescope
Astronomy Lessons - Beginning   Peoria Astronomical Society
Astronomy Lessons - Intermediate
   Peoria Astronomical Society
Astronomy Lessons - Advanced
   Peoria Astronomical Society
Basics for Beginners
   Astronomy Magazine
Basics for Beginners
   Toby's Astronomy
Beginner's Astronomy
Beginner's Observing Guide
   Astronomy Magazine
Beginner's Frequently Asked Questions
   Astronomy Magazine
Deep Sky Objects
Discovery.com: Space
Getting Into Astronomy   San Jose Astronomical Association
Getting Started in Astronomy
   Orion Telescopes
Hints for Beginners
   San Jose Astronomical Association
Planets At Nasa - With Sound Tracks - Excellent photos
SKYSGT'S Astronomy
Swinburn Astronomy Online 
leading international on-line astronomy courses ($)
Tom Campbell's Amateur Astronomy   good for beginning astronomers including a tutorial
Websites for Beginners   Astronomy Boy

also see Useful Links - Telescope Operation
Beginner's Telescope Buying Guide
   Astronomy Magazine
Buying Your First Telescope in Australia
   a lot of good information
Choice of Instrument   Skyhound
Ok, I've Got a Small Telescope. Now What?   beginning advice from Ben Motisher, Jr.
So You Want to Buy a Telescope?   Astronomy League Astro Note 19
So You Want To Buy a Telescope ... Advice for Beginners    Ed Ting

The Sky From Earth - Animation
Phases Of The Inner Planets - Animation

Skyhound's Guide to Comets
Skyhound's Guide to Finding Comets
BAA Comet Section
The Comet Observation Home Page
Astronomical Headlines (IAU)

International Comet Quarterly (ICQ) 
British Astronomical Association - Comet Section