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Highland Dancers
Elise Lyall Festival - 2000
Wick Saturday 2 September

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Morning Competitors

Competitors are from Thurso, Wick, Keiss,, Brora, Orkney, Reay, Invermoriston, Canisbay, Lairg, Ardgay, Inverness, Strathpeffer, Australia, Tain, Nethybridge and possibly other places.
There was a packed hall at Wick High School.  The dancers above were some of the morning competitors.  The afternoon sees the older competitors take the stage and if the morning is anything to go by their will be a very high standard indeed.  The various groups have come well prepared determined to do their best to take away as many medals, cups and trophies as they can.

The judges for the day are -
Linda Napier-Arbroath and Rosaline Hendry-Ellon
The music was by the pipers -
Valerie Mackay and Dennis Bilyard   

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Afternoon Competitors

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  Claire is from New South Wales
Currently in Inverness
Apologies to all of you in Australia for the delay in getting earlier pictures on.
We have been dealing with a number of boring technical bits and our spare time is limited. is run by volunteers.
Any more dancers like this in Australia.  Will there be room in the case for all the medals?


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