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Down Your Way
Sinclair Street 18 Nov

Argyle Square
18 Nov

Lovers Lane
16 Nov

Brown Place

Upper Dunbar St

Beaufoy St.15/11

Plover PL Reis
Harrold Cottages
Nordwall Park

Wick Lanes
10 Nov

Dempster St
9 Nov

Thura Place 9 Nov

North Head
6 Nov

Kinnaird St
4 Nov
Nicolson St
Wellington Ave.
Grizzly Park

Huddart St. 
1 Nov

Ebenezer St.
28 Oct

Burn Street 26 Oct
Miller Street
26 Oct

Harbour Terrace 26 Oc

Smith Terrace 2 Nov

Moray Street 7 Oct

Ackergill Cres. 13 Nov

High Ormlie 28 Sep

Wilson St 28 Sep

Grove Lane 28 Sep

Tom Matheson Crt

Henrietta Street
Other Pictures
Reay Primary 30 Nov

South Primary 27 Oct

Keiss School 21 Oct

Bower School 18 October

Castletown Sch

North High. College

Thrumster School
13 Nov



Elise Lyall
Highalnd Dancing
2 September

Northlands Fest Pics

Welcome to the Photo Features. 

Photo Features Jan/Feb 2001 2 January
Getting a bit short of space on this page so lets move on to another one.

Whitehouse Park, Wick 31 December
whitehousepark3.jpg (35201 bytes)   whitehouseview8.jpg (44409 bytes)
Another Wick Street and views of Wick they have on the last day of 2000.

Wick Sky Late Afternoon
30 December 
wicksky30dec2000.jpg (25754 bytes)   wick30dec2000.jpg (43200 bytes)   wick30dec20002.jpg (40829 bytes)

Snowy Caithness
27 December
snowycastlehilltodunnet.jpg (37818 bytes)
Pictures from around the county

Clythe Lighthouse
17 December

Picture taken morning 17 December 2000

Assynt Mountain Rescue
5 December
assyntmountainrescueinthurso.jpg (29785 bytes)
Paying a visit from the west coast of Sutherland

Skirza Harbour and Area
4 December
skirzaharbour1.jpg (42207 bytes)

Forss 2 December
forrsbase.jpg (36112 bytes)
Just the base for now.  Hope to get more later.  Any offers?

Thurso Masonic Lodge
2 December
At bottom of page in More Thurso Pictures

Reay Church
2 December

Reay 30 November

Pumps gone digital.  missed the mechanical ones by eight months.

The Stone Rows of Caithness and Sutherland 25 November
Information on the distribution of these mysterious rows in the north.

Environmental News added to Links 25 November
Updating environmental news keeping you up to date with some of the news.

Historic Castles and Families of the North - The Sinclairs of Keiss 24 November
Here is the first of the 1980 articles.

Field Club 23 November
Janet Mackenzie from Thurso has volunteered to help scan and prepare pages for the site.  This will allow us to put up the earlier bulletins quicker.  Many thanks Janet.

Dounreay 30 November

Huna 28 November

Old Wick Rocks 28 November

Dounreay Social Club 28 November
dounreayclubwick.jpg (34998 bytes)

Wick Fun Day/Christmas Lights Go On 27 November

Holborn Head 23 November

Free Church Thurso 21 November

Another Thurso church taking us further towards one of our aims to have pictures of every church in Caithness on the web site.  We are now filling the gaps.

Thurso West Church 20 November

Thurso Harbour 18 November
thursoharbour.jpg (38263 bytes)
A river harbour not much used in winter due to the potential rough weather damaging the boats.

Argyle Square - Wick 18 November
argylesquarenov2000.jpg (60992 bytes)

Associated Presbyterian Church  - Wick 18 November

Bethany Hall - Wick 18 November

Olrig Free church - Castletown 16 November

Breadalbane Crescent 15 November
breadalbanecrescent.jpg (33178 bytes)



1974 East End Boys Football Team 14 November

Do you know the members of this team?  We have more information on the older pictures than on more modern ones.  Lesson here is write the names of your teams on the back of pictures.  Lots more to come.  Any other clubs with old pics get in touch.

Lyth Arts Centre 14 November

Seats 60 for performances which will restart in April 2001.

Boats in Caithness 14 November
Another section we will be adding to over the coming months.

Stacs & Cliffs of Caithness 7 November
mucklestack2.jpg (34143 bytes)
The mighty "Muckle Stac" opens one of our new pages on Stacs & Cliffs of Caithness.  Contrast this by jumping to Morven & Maiden Pap on the border of Caithness and Sutherland.

Bonfire at Grizzly 6 November
fire.jpg (29661 bytes)   bonfire2.jpg (37517 bytes)
A traditional impromptu Bonfire and bring your own fireworks - lots of people turned out on a cold night.

Lovely November Day
2 November
toparishchurch.jpg (43193 bytes)
A view over the Wick river towards the Old Parish Church.

Landing Pipes at Wick 2 November
pipeload.jpg (34775 bytes)

New Railways Page 2 November
A page for all that railway stuff.  Starting with a few pictures at Wick Station.  Others will follow and more links will be added as we find them.

Protests at Wick Pool 1 November
Protestors against new rules take to the streets to show their disagreement.

Pipe Band Festival 30 October
wick.jpg (40231 bytes)
Wick Pipe Band organised a very successful Pipe Band Festival in June 2000.  Here are lots of pictures from the event.

Newton Hill Community Woodland 29 October
This area used to be the county dump and has been reclaimed for a forest.  Surrounding trees planted round the perimeter a few years ago now give an air of what it will be like in a few years.  The amazing thing is the abundance of wild flowers already to be seen.  Many seeds must have lain dormant and have sprung into life with the new conditions.

Wick College 28 October 
For those of you who left Wick some time ago you might be surprised to see this building at Camps area where the old paper shop was for a few years.  All that was left were the main walls to hold this new development which opened in 1999.

Pulteney Distillery 28 October
In the late summer 2000 the distillery opened a new visitor centre for tours.  Now at last everyone can see where the most northerly mainland whisky is produced.

St Joachim's Church 27 October

Post Office - Smith Terrace, Wick 26 October

Street Listings 26 October
We will shortly start to prepare an index of street listings where pictures of streets can be found.  We may use the voters roll listings and highlight the ones with pictures.

Morven & Maiden Pap 24 October
These few high places on the boundary of Caithness are a complete contrast to the lower undulating countryside that sweeps over Caithness to the sea.  With panoramic views in all directions.  On a clear day the views are magnificent.

What's Happening at Wick Harbour 24 October
hester.jpg (37789 bytes)
A few pictures of Wick harbour in a new page showing what happens around the harbour from time to time.

Academy Pull off A Draw 23 October
goalcoming.jpg (39084 bytes)
This picture taken just before Academy get their first goal to make them 2 -1 down.  They managed to equalise in the last couple of minutes.  See the full report

More Keiss Pictures 21 October

Bower Church 19 October 

Bower Church sits in a tranquil area of Caithness.

Latheron Village Hall 19 October

This picture shows the new hall a bit further on.  The hall is well under way and a bit further on than this.  We will bring another update soon.

Church - Dunnet Olrig Castletown 18 October

November Dates For your diary - Young and Old

Latheron Village Hall 17 October
The old hall has been demolished and a new one is under construction.  One final look at the old hall and we will bring you pictures of the new hall in the near future.

Cairns at Camster and Latheronwheel 17 October
camsterlong2.jpg (38815 bytes)           latheronwheel2.jpg (43735 bytes)
Archaeology Week has stirred up plenty of activity around ancient settlements.  Groups have been visiting places in the company of archaeologists finding out the current theories and evidence.  Sunday's trip visited Camster and Latheronwheel and ended up with a short lecture at Dunbeath Heritage Centre for lunch.  Polished axes, flints and other artifacts rarely on exhibition were available for inspection.

Airport - Gateway to Caithness 14 October
shorts1.jpg (37759 bytes)    airport2.jpg (35914 bytes)
Another series of pictures in our A to Z of Caithness.  This is the fastest way into the north.  See the Caithness coast and fly over Old Wick Castle and see Wick Harbour from the air as well as the Highlands on the way.

Thurso Gala Reprise 10 October

Last go at Thurso Gala pictures before we head into Halloween

Thurso Raft Race 9 October
raft5.jpg (28352 bytes)
Back to 5 August for these pictures of the race.

Highland Dancing in September 5 October
dancing3.jpg (37212 bytes)
Here are more pictures of the competition in September.
Original Pictures Are Here Now
Total - Three Pages of Pictures
One, Two, Three

Auckengill Pictures 3 October
A few views around the coast and the area.

More Triathalon Pictures Now In 2 October

Caithness Junior Triathalon 1 October
More pictures will be coming on to the pages of Caithness.org over the next few days.

Remember Halkirk's Best Highland Games Yet 30 September

Pictures in Sections- Parade to Field, Events, Children's Races, A Few More Pictures

Down Your Way - Ackergill Crescent  29 September
The transformation which has already taken place in many streets in Caithness is now in full swing in Ackergill Crescent.

More Thurso Pictures in today 28 September

Mary Anne's Cottage 26 September
An article by Professor A Fenton originally published in Caithness Field club Bulletin 1996. With pictures in Museum Page.

Seven-a-Side Football Competitions - Wick 24 September

A big turnout with teams entered from Thurso, Castletown, Halkirk and other parts of Caithness for another competition.  These lads must be getting fit.

Wick Karate Club Awards 23 September

Alexandra Semenova Russian Folksinger 23 September

Halkirk Pictures 22 September
Weather Turns Full Circle 21 September
Down Your Way Henrietta Street Area 21 September
Northlands Festival - Dramatic Outdoor Start 20 September
New Harbour Protection Takes First Beating 20 September
Later Pictures at 5.00pm - Still Blowing a Gale at Sea
Junior Seven-a-side Competition At Dunnet 18 September

Pipe Band Last Outdoor 2000

Seals at Gills 18 September
Harvest Time in Caithness Sep
Pipe Band Coffee Morning 16 September

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23 September

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