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Photo Features 2001


A Popular Hobby In Caithness
24 February


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Boats 2001
End Of the Pier -Wick 21 February

These guys are here most days doing
 a spot of fishing.
John O'Groat Laundry 16 January

In our Buildings In Wick page today we show the old laundry.  the building has been up for sale since the closure of the laundry a few years ago.

Photo Features 2000

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Boy Andrew & Opportune
19 February

Back in their home port Wick for a weekend home.

Hillhead School to Willowbank
17 February
Braal Castle - Near Halkirk 13 January

BA 338 Loading Ice 16 February

thursoriver4.jpg (38987 bytes)
Thurso River
Train Stuck at Helmsdale 17 February
trainstuck.jpg (29722 bytes)
Sent in by Ian Bannermann showing the train stuck at Helmsdale last week - seems ages ago now.

Aerial Pictures 

Wick River February 12 February

Looking up Wick River from the walkway
near the statues.
Market Square
6 January
marketsq1.jpg (34345 bytes)
A new page for Market Square with a last look at the Christmas Tree.

 Aeriel Views of Watten

RocksBeneath The Surface 10 February

Near Wick
Fire Tenders in Caithness
5 January
firetender.jpg (42583 bytes)
This picture sent in by Gavin Geddes showing a fire tender in use in Caithness.
More Watten in Winter 9 February

Winter certainly hit the north of Scotland and many places had blocked roads but after the storms the countryside was very beautiful.
Crow Contemplates On Wick River
31 January

This crow seemed deep in thought about the coming season in the rookery nearby.
High Street - Wick
6 January
socialwork.jpg (43675 bytes)
More pictures of the High Street on Page One and and a new Page Two.  More will be added over the coming weeks to cover the whole street.
Road to Olrig Hill 28 January 

Follow this road to the top of Olrig hill and see the mast in the right column on this page and the country in the picture in the left column.  Also a great view to Dunnet Head over Castletown

Duncansby Head 27 January

In a couple of months this area of Caithness will be teaming with seabird nesting on the cliffs.  there are some great access points for viewing without disturbing the birds quite near the lighthouse.

High Street 3 January 
highst2.jpg (38247 bytes)

Girnigoe Street 3 January 
btstoregirnigoe.jpg (36831 bytes)
Street of Central Government departments and houses
Near Trinkie 25 January

Halkirk Cemetery 21 January

Sunrise"Old Man-Wick"
Old Parish Church, Halkirk
21 January 

Snowdrops of Stemster 31 January 

Snowdrops out on a clear day at Stemster.
Sunrise and
"The Old Man Of Wick"
14 January
After last nights spectacular skies  - Dawn brings another spectacle. About 8.30am
Thurso River From Halkirk Bridge
20 January
Scout Jubilee 1935 - Wick
24 January
Westerdale Mill 8 January
wickwater2.jpg (45150 bytes)
An attractive mill on the Thurso river. Picture by Margaret Bates from Bushey in Herts a regular visitor to Caithness over the years.
Olrig House, Castletown
15 January

House, History, Architecture,
Lady Thurso and John Thurso at
Freedom of Caithness ceremony
 for Robert Maclennan MP
20 January
Wick Sky Tonight About 4.30pm 13 January
Three Boats of the Boats in
Wick Harbour Today
12 January
teal1.jpg (37618 bytes)
Catamaran Teal

Wick Harbour Light - Calmer Today
 25 January


Near Old Wick Castle
11 January
wick1.jpg (29905 bytes)

This view sent in by Brandy Miller
wickriver.jpg (38019 bytes)
River Wick
Notes On Three Caithness Doocots 12 January 
An article on the doocots at Westerdale, Freswick and Ackergill from The Field Club.

Thurso 1.00pm Today
13 January
Clear weather all day in Caithness

New Postcard Set 11 January

Early Morning At The Cliffs - Old Wick Castle 14 January

highst1.jpg (34657 bytes)
High St - Wick

Bridge Street Shops & Buildings 2 January 2001
clocktownhall.jpg (30552 bytes)       bridgest2.jpg (42209 bytes)  
A comprehensive set of pictures including every shop and main building in the street.

mastolrig.jpg (31723 bytes)
Mast - Olrig Hill

Halkirk Primary School 14 January
Architectural Details of Bank Building 2 January 2001
clydebankdetail2.jpg (36832 bytes)   clydebankdetail10.jpg (25698 bytes)   
Often you have to look up in Bridge Street, Wick to see the extent of the detail on some buildings.  Which Bank?

Three Doocotes   

The Freswick Doocot

castletowndunnet.jpg (34397 bytes)
Castletown/Dunnet Bay
From Olrig